Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Roxanne Potvin – Play – CD

PlayArtist: Roxanne PotvinUPC: 654367024959Details:For fans of Roxanne Potvin, the Juno award nominated Montreal based singer/songwriter, two years might seem like an unbearably long time...

“Play” is a rare misstep for Aterciopelados

The Colombian band Aterciopelados has cultivated a devoted following with their infectious, whimsical style of music infused with a knowing sense of humor. When...

Play – Red Movies (Colv) (Ogv) – Vinyl

Red Movies (Colv) (Ogv)Artist: PlayUPC: 819162013472       Details: Limited colored vinyl LP-only release of this singles collection by the British Electronic band. Play was made up of...