Friday, November 25, 2022
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J. Elliott, Song of the Day: “Half as Good as You”

Last Wednesday night J. Elliott landed in first place at the third round of the Battle of the Bands semifinals. So today,...

manners, please, EP Review: “manners, please”

Local Indy pop group manners, please may not be moving on to the Battle of the Bands finals, but there's still a...

Porch Kat, Song of the Day: “Hot Fruit”

Last night, Porch Kat advanced to the finals for the Battle of the Bands. If you missed their show, you can make...

Moxxie, Album Review: “Hot Moxxie”

Local Indianapolis band Moxxie are competing in the Battle of the Bands this year. To get an idea of their sound before...

Veseria, Song of the Day: “Oh, Emily”

Local Indy band Veseria is playing at the Battle of the Bands tonight at The Hi-Fi. Here's a sneak peak at one...

Chives, Song of the Day: “Thrones”

Local Indy band Chives' title track to their 2019 album, "Thrones" may be their most relentlessly energetic yet.

manners, please, Song of the Day: “Ghost”

The local Indy pop group manners, please may have come in third at last week's Battle of the Bands, but their song...

Forstory, Song of the Day: “Daylight”

Local Indianapolis band Forstory just advanced in the Battle of the Bands after last night's performance, so this one's for them.

Fern Murphy, EP Review: “Gringo Love”

Local Indianapolis dream pop band Fern Murphy brings out all the shoegaze vibes you could ever want on their new EP "Gringo...

The Orchard Keepers, Song of the Day: “Driftwood Abbey”

Local Indianapolis band The Orchard Keepers bring a progressive rock and punk energy to their new track, "Driftwood Abbey".