Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Tag: Anti-Lilly

Anti Lilly looks at life on “That’s the World”

"That's the World" is the latest from Houston MC Anti-Lilly and his frequent collaborator Phoniks. "That's the World" The eponymous opening song laments the state of...

The Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2017

2017 had a lot of major releases. Hip-Hop heavyweights Eminem, Kendrick and Jay-Z released albums as did newcomers like Lil Yachty, 21 Savage and...

Album Review: Anti-Lilly & Phoniks’s “It’s Nice Outside”

On "It's Nice Outside" Anti-Lilly's lyricism is a perfect match for Phoniks's jazzy beats. Phoniks's Jazz(mattaz) Okay so this album does not have live, new jazz...