Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Clint Breeze and the Groove, Album Review: “Arrival”

Local Indy band Clint Breeze and the Groove bring an electrifying blend of funk, jazz, hip hop, and soul to their 2019...

Moxxie, Album Review: “Hot Moxxie”

Local Indianapolis band Moxxie are competing in the Battle of the Bands this year. To get an idea of their sound before...

Dizgo, Album Review: “Deeper”

Local Bloomington-based "jamtronica" band Dizgo brings all the dance energy you could need on their 2019 album, "Deeper".

Fern Murphy, EP Review: “Gringo Love”

Local Indianapolis dream pop band Fern Murphy brings out all the shoegaze vibes you could ever want on their new EP "Gringo...

Chives, Album Review: “Thrones”

Local Indy band Chives brings out all of their frenetic energy in their delightfully weird, full-length debut album.

800 lb. Gorilla, Album Review: “Metro Manila”

Local Indy band 800 lb. Gorilla brings out all their funk, soul, and jazz-rock influences to their new album, "Metro Manila".

Maccogallo, Album Review: “Hounds”

Local Indy band Maccogallo brings together punk energy and pop aesthetics on their debut album, "Hounds". This week,...

Orchard Keepers, Album Review: “Freudian Slip”

The Orchard Keepers' 2018 EP "Freudian Slip", plays out as a four act horror story that cranks up the disturbing and the...

Porch Kat, Album Review: “Hot Fruit”

The Muncie psych outfit continue to experiment with their funky, rocky, jazzy sound on their new EP, "Hot Fruit".

Moon Goons, Album Review: “Slimy Clump”

Local Indy psychedelic rock outfit Moon Goons bring the weird on their recent EP, "Slimy Clump". For the...