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Now streaming on Peacock is a reality show titled “The Big D.” The saucy title is enough to make some people tune in. However, the “D” here refers to divorce. The end of a marriage is usually not the subject of a racy show.

“The Big D”: something different for a difficult time

At first glance, it might seem like “The Big D” would feature the constant bickering of divorced couples situated on a beautiful island in Costa Rica. And, at least for episode one, there is plenty of that.

The six divorced couples open the show by meeting with their exes on a beach one couple at a time.

The premise is that the participants will assess themselves and their former relationships to figure out if they will move on with new partners, or give their past love another try.

But the couples are far from alone in their quests for love. Enter the singles. Several single men and women are added to the mix. Right away, the singles snd the formerly married folks begin to compare their physicalities. Petty statements abound.

What is different about “The Big D” is the show’s hosts. JoJo Fletcher and Jorda. Rodgers of “The Bachelorette” fame are the hosts. They are not married to each other, but they are engaged.

When the contestants are due for game playing that will yield them dates with the person of their choosing, the show’s therapist is introduced.

“The Big D”: potential for awkwardness

It becomes clear to viewers and contestants alike that two of the divorced men are only there to try and win back their former wives. They watch and listen as the women talk to other men and the single ladies. These men do not seem interested on the show’s processes.

Watching the divorced couples interact is often painful. And awkward. Nothing is funny about seeing a woman cry as her ex-husband verbally or emotionally abuses her. Viewers get an idea of why their marriages ended.

“The Big D” debuted June 14, 2023. It is unclear how viewers find the show. If too many divorced couples get back together, viewers might find the contestants, and the show, inauthentic.

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