Lub dub lub dub – Tippu – Devi Sri Prasad – Jeyum Ravi | Unakkum Enakkum (2006)


Today’s second post is the analysis of the song, Lub dub lub dub, from the movie, Unakkum Enakkum (2006). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and visualization.

Movie – Unakkum Enakkum (2006)

The song, Lub dub lub dub… was featured in the Sri Lakshmi Productions and Jeyum Company’s comic romrama, Unakkum Enakkum (2006), directed by M Raja and produced by M Raja and T Rama Rao.

Poor, village resident, albeit educated; Kavitha (Trisha), visits Chennai for her bestie, Lalitha or Lalli’s (Richa Pallod) marriage celebrations. Lalli’s cousin, London resident, Santhosh (Jeyum Ravi), is impressed by Kavitha and realizes that his feelings could be love. But a traditional Kavitha keeps resisting his advances. During the wedding celebrations, Santhosh sings this song.

Song – Lub dub lub dub

The lyrics of the song, Lub dub lub dub… were penned by P Vijay and the music was set by Devi Sri Prasad.

The boy realizes that something was happening between him and one of the girls during the celebrations.

Video – Lub dub lub dub

Cinematography is by A Venkatesh. Dance choreography is by Vishnudeva.

The video opens with Jeyum Ravi sort of floating in the air among the young people. Trisha beckons to someone. Jeyum Ravi starts a sort of jumping, shaking and hugging dance! But when he indicates that something is happening between him and Trisha, she shakes her head, vigorously.

Ravi follows Trisha, who drops some ice cubes into his shirt. Initially, it is fun. But then ice cubes are ice cubes. He begins to shiver, which is incorporated into the dance. Trisha throws her dupatta at Ravi and begins to dance alone.

Her dance is more desi and she is joined by Richa Pallod and another girl, Tejashree, who plays Ravi’s father’s friend’s daughter. Aravind Akash enters the celebrations and blackmails Richa Pallod, who makes some clear confession to Trisha.

Trisha, in turn, informs Ravi that there’s something she needs to talk to him about. He continues to dance elatedly that it is love she wants to confess. At this point, the song and the video end.


Tippu sang this song for Jeyum Ravi. Trisha, Richa Pallod, Tejashree, Aravind Akash and others are also featured in the video.

Cultural Influence

According to me, there’s no influence of any culture on this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.

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