Daag (1973) – A Complete Review


Today’s second post is Daag (1973) – A Complete Review. This post is an analysis of the entire story, picturization and songs – in terms of lyrics and music. Daag (1973) was directed and produced by Yash Chopra under the banner of Yash-Raj Films.

Daag (1973) – A Complete Review

  1. I wouldn’t call Daag (1973) a daring attempt at dealing with a new type of love triangle. Never. It is, for me, a revelation of the circumstances in which 3 characters are imprisoned. I have never understood love triangles. I still don’t!
  2. Sunil (Character 1 – Rajesh Khanna) is caught in one circumstance of being accused of a murder, while saving his own wife, Sonia (Character 2 – Sharmila Tagore).
  3. Sonia is compelled to pose as a widow, on receiving the news of her husband’s death while traveling to the prison, post his presentation at the court.
  4. Sonia is thrown out of her job because her husband was a murderer.
  5. She is ready to make do with the life of a secretive relationship with her own husband to keep mum in front of Chandni (Character 3 – Rakhi).
  6. Chandni is another prisoner of her circumstance when she has to hide behind a no future marriage with Sunil because she is the woman, who happened to have an extramarital affair, with someone else.
  7. A woman is allowed to live a life of a widow as a single mother but not a woman, who has had a premarital affair, has to present a living husband to recognize that her child is legit.
  8. Oddly, Sunil, who can reveal his past does not speak to Chandni about his past and makes her promise that she wouldn’t ask him anything, at the outset.
  9. Everything is absolutely ridiculous and seen from a patriarchal point of view.
  10. The only saving grace are the songs with music by Lakshmi-Pyare and Sahir Ludhyanvi.

Daag (1973) – The Songs

Hum aur tum tum aur hum…

Ab chahe Maa roothe ya Baba

Hawa chale kaise

Jab bhi ji chahe nayi duniya

Ni main yaar manavani

Mere dil mein aaj kya hai…

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