Ek do teen aaja mausam hai rangeen – Shamshad Begum – Shankar-Jaikishan – Cuckoo | Aawara (1951)


Today’s second post is the analysis of the song, Ek do teen aaja mausam hai rangeen, featured in the movie, Aawara (1951). The song has been analyzed based on the context and visualization.

Movie – Aawara (1951)

The song, Ek do teen aaja mausam hai rangeen, was featured in the RK Films’ romcom-cum-social drama, Aawara (1951), produced and directed by Raj Kapoor. The movie starred Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Prithviraj Kapoor, Leela Chitnis and others.

Affluent district judge, Raghunath (Prithviraj Kapoor), is of the staunch opinion that criminals are born and circumstances do not have anything to do with the career-choice of a young person. Once day, he takes his wife, Leela (Leela Chitnis), on a date via a boat on the sea. Some fishermen sing this song at this point.

Just to prove a point, Jagga (K N Singh), who had kidnapped Leela at the beginning of her pregnancy, makes sure that Leela is thrown out of her husband’s home and that Raghunath and Leela’s son, Raj, grows up in penury and under Jagga’s instructions takes to crime for a living. Now in his 20s, Raj (Raj Kapoor) comes out of the prison, saying that if he had received food outside the prison as a child, he would never have become a thief. comes out of the prison as an efficient pickpocket, who picks the pocket of his mentor, as well.

Post meeting his mother and lying to her about his business, after changing into other clothes, he goes out of the more comfortable house that he can now afford for his mother. He visits a cabaret dancer (Cuckoo), who sings this song, at this point in the movie.

Song – Ek do teen aaja mausam hai rangeen

The lyrics of this song, Ek do teen aaja mausam hai rangeen, were penned by Shailendra and set to music by Shankar-Jaikishan.

The song goes, “One two three! The weather is colorful.”

Video – Ek do teen aaja Mausam hai rangeen

Cinematography is by Radhu Karmarkar. Dance choreography by Soorya Kumar-Krishna Kumar-Madam Simkie.

The video opens with Leela Chitnis discerning a gun in Raj Kapoor’s baggage and suspicions rising in her mind about her son. The next shot shows Cuckoo Dancer beginning to perform this dance.

Raj Kapoor almost entering the place where the dance is being performed. The place seems to be some kind of shady club. K N Singh signals Raj Kapoor that it is ok to enter. She sidles up to the younger man, who rejects her.

He pushes her away from him, in the process she falls on the floor. He tries to stay away from her. She soon ends the song and the dance, around this point in the movie.


Shamshad Begum sings this song for Cuckoo Dancer. K N Singh and some other actors are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

I just happened to remember something I heard on the radio or watched on television. But I am not sure where and if this is true. Cuckoo was one of those dancers, who would independently choreograph her own dances. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.

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