Vaa Thalaiva – Shankar Mahadevan/Karthik/Deepak Blue/Thaman S/Aravindh Srinivasan – Thanman S | Varisu (2023)


Today’s post is the critical analysis of the song, Vaa Thalaiva, from the movie, Varisu (2023). The song has been analyzed on the basis of the context and visualization.

Movie – Varisu (2023)

The song, Vaa Thalaiva, was from the Sri Venkateshwara Creations and PVP Cinema’s action-packed famromrama movie, Varisu (2023), produced by Dil Raju and Sirish and directed by Vamshi Paidipally.

Vijay Rajendran (Vijay) is a happy-go-lucky fellow, who lives away from his affluent family because he wants to prove himself on his own. To this end, he travels far and wide and at this point, sings this motivating song, with a group of dancers.

Song – Vaa Thalaiva

The song was penned by Vivek and set to music by Thaman S.

This motivating song begins as a lullaby, “Who is acquainted to another, in this world? And who has dared to make a playing ball out of the earth, fenced by you?”

Video – Vaa Thalaiva

Cinematography is by Karthik Palani. Dance choreography is by Jani Master.

The video opens with Vijay’s entry scene in the movie as he is seen traveling far and wide. Festivities are going on at one place and he joins the group to sing this song as well as perform it.

What I like about Vijay is that he always wears jeans while performing these dances. The extra artists look very vulgar and disgusting as they lift up their lungis to reveal their underwear.

Vijay photographs several scenes from all over India. I loved dancers performing Bhangra in tune with this Tamil song. It only goes on to show how Indian culture is connected though separated into different states and languages. That’s unity in diversity for you.

Vijay ends his journey at, Lake Mansarovar (my guess). The place is serene and he sits leaning on an ornate pillar, in harmony with nature. He is either taking notes or sketching the landscape.

Part of this last paragraph is mostly my guess because the video does not very clearly mention the location and his activities there. The song peters out and the video also ends at this point.


Shankar Mahadevan, Karthik, Deepak Blue, Thaman S and Aravindh Srinivasan have sung this song. Now, which voice fits Vijay, in this song, I don’t have a clue. I have been writing about Bollywood and this has been happening in Collywood as well. Now, how do I know who has sung for Vijay?

Cultural Influence

This is an out and out commercial song with hints of Keralite folk dance. I don’t know what attracts me to this actor called Vijay. Honestly, I have always wanted him to be a real younger brother not just a rakhi brother.

Sorry, Bro. I am not into Tamil magazines and Collywood news. I don’t know when you began to be addressed as the Thalapathy instead of Ilaya Thalapathy. I don’t have that kind of History in my backyard, in Mumbai. But I have been watching your movies (Sun TV is on most times at home for Mom. More recently, Sun Nxt and Amazon Prime Video have come in handy) and I have just loved these movies and always wished you had a younger, mind you, younger sister like me having your back, in the storylines.

Ammazing actor you are! Needless to say, Beast (2022), had me mesmerized. I don’t know who is to ‘blame’ for that – the tight direction or the way you got me engaged in what was happening.

Pssst. A secret. Vijay, do you know that my younger Masi (Chitti – Arey, yaar, maternal aunt) has an only son, who looks just like you. Howz that for a bouncer? 😉 Love the song, love the dance choreography and love the way Vijay has performed with elan.


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