Middle Waves Festival to make moves


Fort Wayne, Ind. – – Fort Wayne’s newest music festival, Middle Waves, is set to make some changes. As part of a change in management, Middle Waves has been acquired by The Embassy Theatre. The change will impact where the selected performers will play, but it will keep the new tradition of a music festival in Fort Wayne.

The finalization of the collaboration between Middle Waves and The Embassy was announced this week as it was announced that The Fort Wayne Philharmonic would be finding a new home. Formerly, the group had been based at The Embassy.

Middle Waves: a music festival for The Fort

Middle Waves began in 2016. The festival was marked by its eclectic lineup, multi-day schedule, and locations in some of the city’s most popular areas. Subsequent festivals followed in 2017 and 2022. The gaps led some concertgoers to wonder what was happening with Middle Waves for 2023. It seems now everyone has the answer.

Enthusiasm for Middle Waves could be seen by the sheer numbers of attendees, who sometimes braved heat, and of course, crowds, to see a variety of local, regional, and national acts that represented a range of musical genres.

The importance of Middle Waves is attested by the crowds, the acts, and the idea that music fans did not have to drive for hours to experience a multiple day festival. Fort Wayne hosting such a concert could help bolster the revitalization of downtown – – the first Middle Waves was held in Headwaters Park.

Ripple: filling in for Middle Waves

Prior to this week, the question remained about Middle Waves for 2023. The answer is Ripple: A Middle Waves Hype Event. Ripple will be held June 24, 2023, at Parkview Field, home of the Fort Wayne Tin Caps. The date and location allows Ripple to keep the feel of Middle Waves. Although it is only a one-day event, Ripple will have multiple stages and diverse performers. The performer lineup will include a veteran of Middle Waves, Mic Strong. People appreciate the rapper’s work and reputation as a nice guy. Viewers of Fort Wayne’s CBS affiliate will recognize him as the voice and face of the local sports’ hype advertisements.

Tickets for Ripple went on sale May 1, 2023. For more information visit:http://middlewaves.com.

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