Upgrade Your Toolkit with High-Quality Fein Saw Blade (63502237240) for Every Cutting Application


Fein is a well-known power tool expert who creates strong, effective tools that are always created with the user in mind. One of the top products on the market today is the release of the Fein Saw Blade SLP E-Cut Metal (63502237240).

Fein produces high-quality tools that adhere to the highest requirements. Their power tools are built with keeping professionals in mind and are reliable and durable. Therefore, Fein has the ideal tool for their upcoming project, whether it involves one contractor or a team of contractors. Fein has been a top-tier producer of power tools for almost 150 years. Their equipment is made to endure longer and perform better, enabling one to complete the task successfully.

Description of Fein Saw Blade SLP E-Cut Metal

  • The Fein Saw Blade SLP E-Cut Metal has the following dimensions: a length of 3.74 inches, a width of 3.74 inches, and a height of 2.17 inches.
  • The tool has two different mount types, allowing you to select the ideal addition for your multipurpose tool.
  • It has bimetal with fine teeth for up to 5/64 in [2 mm] of sheet metal, which undoubtedly provides outstanding service life, very clean cuts, and great work performance.
  • Aluminum, plastic, metal, and copper are all suitable with the Fein Saw Blade SLP E-Cut Metal.

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