Top 20 Punjabi Songs – February 8, 2023


Today’s first post is Top 20 Punjabi Songs – February 8, 2023. This article is a listicle of the topmost 20 popular Punjabi songs liked by fans this week. There are several changes in the song sequence this week. I have mentioned previous and current positions beside the songs in the list.

This Valentines’ week; the songs, Band theke… by Jordan Sadhu, Summer high… by A P Dhillon, Woh noor… by A P Dhillon from Two Hearts Never Break The Same, 295… by Sidhu Moosewala. (Fifth) and Lemonade… Diljit Dosanjh. Drive Thru; have been thrown out of the fray.

On the other hand; the songs, Rutba… by Satinder Sartaj, Todh… by Prince Narula, Dil nu… by A P Dhillon, Levels… by Sidhu Moosewala and Sunny Malton and Rubicon drill… by Laddi Chahal, Parmish Verma and Gurlez Akhtar, have entered the list at the first, fourth, fifth, tenth and thirteenth positions.

This week; my colleague from Lemonwire, Sunirudh Gujral, introduces some songs from this week’s hit list, in the video.

Top 20 Punjabi Songs – February 8, 2023

The numbers in brackets show the position of that particular song in last week’s hit-list.

  1. Rutba… Satinder Sartaj.
  2. Safar… Juss. (Tenth)
  3. Chann sitare… Ammy Virk from Oye Makhna. (Second)
  4. Todh… Prince Narula.
  5. Dil nu… A P Dhillon.
  6. On top… Karan Aujla. (Sixth)
  7. No love… Shubh. (Seventh)
  8. Mitti de tibbe… Kaka. (Eighth)
  9. The last ride… Sidhu Moosewala. (Nineth)
  10. Levels… Sidhu Moosewala/Sunny Malton.
  11. Dekhiye kite… Davy. (Eleventh)
  12. Ainak… Gulab Sidhu. (Thirteenth)
  13. Rubicon drill… Laddi Chahal/Parmish Verma/Gurlez Akhtar.
  14. 25-25… Arjan Dhillon. Non-film album Jalwa. (Fourteenth)
  15. BBBB… Khan Bhaini. (Sixteenth)
  16. Hommie call… Arjan Dhillon. Non-film album Jalwa. (Seventeenth)
  17. Nasha… Faridkot/Amar Jalal. (Eighteenth)
  18. Snowfall… Jordan Sandhu/Bunty Bains/Desi Crew. (Nineteenth)
  19. Jhaanjhar… B Praak from Honeymoon (2022). (Third)
  20. Baller… Shubh. (Fourth)

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