Musical Update – Controversy – Besharam rang – Pathan (2023)


Today’s second post is Musical Update – Controversy – Besharam rangPathan (2023). My colleague, RJ Luveena introduces the ghazal version of the controversial song.

Musical Update – Controversy – Besharam rangPathan (2023)

Besharam rang… from Pathan (2023) has garnered controversies in the last few days due to, obviously, the dance choreography and body exposure that Deepika Padukone has done, in the video. The movie, whose posters have been burnt, recently; was released today. I even happened to watch a video on Linkedin where young girls have requested the creators of the video to consider them while creating such videos. Such videos affect some lecherous men to molest and rape, unsuspecting girls. Even I am a believer of that thought and feel that such videos should not be made.

On the other hand, there is a video, whose link RJ Luveena has shared, where a singer, Sowmya M, has shared a ghazal version of the song. According to my colleague and some others, if the song were used in this ghazal format, the song wouldn’t have run into such a controversy. It is said that talks are on to redo the song and the video. But it is not known how true this information is.

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