Har ek saans by Ekhuruleni Music Artist Maithili Shome


Today’s post is Har ek saans by Ekhuruleni Music Artist Maithili Shome. Singer Maithili Shome, based out of Ekhuruleni (South Africa), released her new single, Har ek saans…

Har ek saans by Ekhuruleni Music Artist Maithili Shome

Maithili Shome’s Har ek saans… depicts the depth of love. Kailash Kher, Arindam Biswas, Maithili Shome, Debu Chakraborty, Priya Tipale and Abhinay Soni were present during the launch.

Kailasa Records, a record label featuring mellifluous melodies, released a rhythmic romantic number, Har ek saans…, a song about romantic love, falling in love and the feelings that these experiences bring. Maithili Shome’s beautiful vocals breathe life into Israr Ansari’s lyrics and composition. Featuring Priya Tipale, Maithili Shome and Abhinay Soni, this soothing, peaceful and calming track is directed by the visionary Arindam Biswas and the project was by Abhinay Soni.

Har ek saans… carries a sense of timeless eternal appeal. While it has a strong nostalgia attached to it, it feels like a warm blanket on a cold winter day, you know the minute you drape it on, the feeling of warmth and familiarity starts to creep in slowly, it’s a touching, romantic and soulful, the kind of song that will remain in your playlist for long.

“Kailasa Records is a label that creates original music in different genres and showcases them with a complete visual treat. The song narrates love, romance and passion. It does not give momentary pleasure; it makes your soul happy. Simple words, but very layered melodies, and that’s the best combination which describes Har ek saans…,” according to Kailash Kher.

Singer Maithili Shome says, “In my life, all my music has been destiny-driven and this song came about when I met my diction mentor, Israr Ansariji. He was quite impressed with my voice and I was honored that he wrote this beautiful song for me – both the lyrics and the melody. The rest is history. This single is the first of many originals yet to come. I am busy with 2 more playback songs in upcoming films and am also working as an assistant music composer for an upcoming OTT web series.”

Actor Abhinay Soni says, “Har ek saans… is extremely close to my heart as our team worked dedicatedly from the scratch to the final video, beautifully sung by Maithili and creatively done by our director Arindam. The video is engaging and shot perfectly. An hearty thanks to Padmashri Kailash Kherji for encouragement and making it even bigger with Kailasa Records.”

Lyricist and Composer Israr Ansari opines, “Mere liye fakr aur behad khushi ki baat hai ki meri ghazal, Har ek saans…, jise maine likha aur compose kiya hai, Padmashri Kailash Kherji ke record label se release hua hai, is ghazal ko Maithili Shome ne bakhubi anjaam diya hai, Maithili bohot honhaar singer hai, Ummed karta hu yeh song sabhi ko bohot pasand aayega.” (I am honored and happy that the ghazal, Har ek saans…, penned and composed by me; has been released by Padmashri Kailash Kherji’s record label. The song has been sung very well by Maithili Shome. She is a very talented singer. I hope that everybody likes this song.

Priya Tipale says, “ Har ek saans… directly connects with your heart. Kailash Sir is a real magician. Because of him the world is going to witness this magical art piece. The song is a perfect package of story, emotions, lyrics, music, dance and what not. Blessed to be part of it.”


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