The Finest Performance Is Promised By Slip Ring Induction Motors from Baldor


Since a very long time ago, Baldor has created a name for itself all over the world by enthusiastically and expertly producing a wide variety of motors for their reliable consumers. For applications that demand a steady build-up of load, Baldor’s Slip Ring Induction Motors are among the best motors available.

Baldor is pleased to provide ABB’s extensive selection of slip ring induction motors for applications that need high beginning torques, low starting currents, or both. It is obvious from the way the Slip Ring Induction Motors are created and assembled with the aid of excellent machinery and skilled craftsmen that Baldor wants its cherished clients to receive the greatest equipment available. They are a leading producer of high-voltage slip-ring induction motors because of their prototype competence and application knowledge.

Slip rings are employed in an AC induction motor variant known as a wound rotor motor to introduce resistance into the rotor windings rather than transmit power. Operations requiring strong beginning torque or low starting currents, such as mill drives, cement plants, mines, utilities, waterworks, and many more, frequently use Slip Ring Induction motors.

Product Features and Benefits

  • To stop dust from getting into the motor windings, the motors are equipped with separate slip-ring chambers at the non-drive end.
  • For Slip Ring Induction Motors, the frame sizes span from 400mm to 1120mm shaft height and include all significant cooling types.
  • For these motors, a fabricated modular chassis with welded steel structure is available in both horizontal and vertical versions.
  • In Slip Ring Induction Motors, excitation is possible using either permanent contact brushes or a brush-lifting device.
  • Baldor uses class F insulating material on the rotor and stator, with the stator also having a full VPI procedure, to assist assure a longer life.

Slip Ring Induction Motors are frequently utilized in the chemical, oil and gas, mining, water, and wastewater industries.

Common Applications

  • Compressors and Mixers
  • Conveyors
  • Crushers
  • Mills 
  • Fans and Pumps

Authorized Distributors For Baldor

KPaul – Veteran Owned – Since 2006, KPaul Industrial has distributed Baldor products and hundreds of other industrial product categories covering numerous industries and markets. For more information about KPaul Industrial’s capabilities, click here.


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