In Demanding Industrial Processing Applications, Severe Duty Motors Are Made To Deliver Great Productivity and Prolonged Endurance


Baldor Reliance has long been a leader in the production of Severe Duty Motors, having excelled in essentially every aspect of the motor industry. The big ac induction motors have a maximum output of 30,000 HP and come in a variety of configurations, such as the TEFC, TEAAC, TEWAC, ODP, WPI, and WPII.

For both 50 Hz and 60 Hz operations in NEMA and IEC designs, pole counts range from 2 poles to 20 poles or more. Every environment and/or application, from general usage to challenging, heavy-duty locales, can benefit from custom-developed designs that, where necessary, comply with API 541, API 547, and IEEE-841.

The Severe Duty motors are expertly crafted by highly skilled hands and equipment, ensuring the utmost functionality and the capacity to keep the motors running to their full potential regardless of how old they grow. The characteristics of these high-end construction motors are made to guard against pollution, humidity, mechanical shock, and severe duty cycles. Severe Duty motors are offered with Super-E electrical designs to produce a packaged product that uses less energy and can withstand the demands of the application. Baldor has so fulfilled its pledge to deliver the most stunning motors while simultaneously emphasizing an energy-saving program.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Baldor’s strong and exquisite Severe Duty motors feature a fully enclosed fan-cooled frame, a cast iron frame, end shields, and inner caps to give their dependable customers the greatest possible experience.
  • The high efficiency believed to be 95% or greater, insulated bearings, and bearing RTD provisions are all features of the Severe Duty Motors.
  • The “L” shafts are ball-bearing and convertible to roller bearings, whereas the “S” shafts are for linked loads and are not. The “LR” shafts for belted duty are roller bearings that can also be converted to ball bearings. The Severe Duty motor shafts are all made of Class II material.
  • The ground lug is present in the conduit box, and the motors are supplied with carbon steel fan covers and air deflectors.
  • The motors have a stainless steel drain and breather, as well as a V-Ring shaft slinger and specially developed modified epoxy coating with UV protection.
  • The common industries where Severe Duty Motors are used are Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Water, and Wastewater.  

Common Applications of Severe Duty Motors are

  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Gear Reducers

Authorized Distributors For Baldor

KPaul – Veteran Owned – Since 2006, KPaul Industrial has distributed Baldor products and hundreds of other industrial product categories covering numerous industries and markets. For more information about KPaul Industrial’s capabilities, click here.

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