For Thermal Appliances, Yellow Jacket’s Combustion Analyzer Offers the Finest Safety Precautions

For Thermal Appliances, Yellow Jacket's Combustion Analyzer Offers the Finest Safety Precautions

Yellow Jacket has never stopped producing excellent products for all of its dependable operators around the globe. This time, Yellow Jacket unveiled the Combustion Analyzer, a crucial device for guaranteeing the security, effectiveness, and correct functioning of thermal systems.

The device is significantly smaller and lighter, and it also includes a magnetic holster for protection that fits comfortably in the operator’s hand. The Combustion Analyzer is one of the best in the business and displays six readings at once. Because it has an ambient CO monitor, a manometer, and an analyzer, the gadget is known as a “3-in-1 Instrument.”

The 7″ duct probe with adjustable depth stop makes it possible to operate and install the sensor quickly and easily at any job site, and the CO over-limit protection extends sensor life. The Yellow Jacket Combustion Analyzer is the most straightforward combustion analyzer available, thanks to a wireless printer option and the YJ Combustion Application.

The device is integrated with an inline condensate trap and soot filter for a very simple inspection, and simple replacement, in addition to a wonderful cleanup at the end of the task. As the water trap is being emptied, a replaceable filter that is built into the suction line can be quickly changed. Reduced downtime is made possible by the simple field replacement of the pre-calibrated O2 sensors that are built into the Combustion Analyzer. 

System and exhaust pressures may be monitored using the integrated manometer functionality and optional manometer tube accessories. This CO detector is excellent as an atmospheric and flue gas CO detector since it has integrated startup zeroing. The PPM for CO is displayed here, reducing the risk of local CO contamination and ensuring that fuel is burned with the proper efficiency. All the characteristics necessary for providing clients with secure and professional solutions are present in the Yellow Jacket Combustion Analyzer.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Two gas sensors are included with the combustion analyzer, one for CO and the other for O2.
  • The instrument is clinical in its ability to measure Draft, Pressure, and Temperature precisely. It also has highly compatible Field-Replaceable Sensors.
  • The Combustion Analyzer additionally offers Automatic QR Code Generation for Downloading Evaluations for Records or Sharing with Consumers.
  • The gadget has both high CO protection and ambient CO monitoring capabilities.
  • The gadget has a protective magnetic rubber holster for hand-free operation and a backlit display for easy viewing.
  • The Combustion Analyzer is outfitted with an 8-hour long-lasting rechargeable battery and an integrated dual-pressure manometer.

Target Customers

It is advised that this product be used by all HVAC contractors and repair personnel whose clientele includes gas-fired furnaces.

Product Applications

Furnaces, boilers, and water heaters are serviced and installed for home and light business use by US Domestic HVAC.

Authorized Distributors For Yellow Jacket

KPaul – Veteran Owned – Since 2006, KPaul Industrial has distributed Yellow Jacket products and hundreds of other industrial product categories covering numerous industries and markets. For more information about KPaul Industrial’s capabilities, click here.


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