Behaal by Mohali/Ludhiyana Music Artists Simar Kaur/Karan Sehmbi


Today’s first post is Behaal by Mohali/Ludhiyana Music Artists Simar Kaur/Karan Sehmbi. Music Artists Simar Kaur and Karan Sehmbi have recently released their new single, Behaal…

Behaal by Mohali/Ludhiyana Music Artists Simar Kaur/Karan Sehmbi

Trying to impress someone? We got you covered with Behaal…

Zaara Yesmin, Karan Sehmbi and Simar Kaur’s musical collaboration for Tips Music’s new song Behaal… is young and spirited.

Behaal… gives a fresh feeling of the process of falling in love. The song narrates how exciting having a crush on someone can be; with flushed cheeks, constant smiling and becoming the happiest version of yourself.

Featuring Zaara Yesmin and Karan Sehmbi in a high-spirited composition by Yeah Proof and melodic vocals by Karan Sehmbi and Simar Kaur. Having captivating lyrics by King Ricky, Behaal… expresses the strong attraction that is first felt in a youthful love.

Singer Karan Sehmbi says, “It’s a cute-naughty song for those crushing on someone. I would like to thank each and every member of the team and wish them all the best.”

Singer Simar Kaur says, “I had a great time working on this song. I hope the audience likes it as much as we do.”

Shot in the scenic streets of Italy, Behaal… will make sure to keep you in the mood of a love trance.


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