Importance of Piano in Bollywood Music


Today’s first post is the Importance of Piano in Bollywood Music. After I wrote the article on violin – that I had posted in October, I have been on the lookout for information on other musical instruments and their influence on Bollywood music. It is said that certain things happen due to chance. I found Nicole Fernandes also by chance. A full-time public relations person and part time music teacher, she helped me understand the importance of piano in Bollywood music. Here’s what she had to say –

Importance of Piano in Bollywood Music

Music created on a piano or synthesizer can represent contentment, romance, meditation, etc. The speed at which a keyboardist/pianist plays the instrument also helps the listeners/audience understand the mood, emotions, etc. that the musician is trying to express through instrumental music. In the case of Bollywood, piano/keyboard music has mostly been used to create an environment of love and romance. The sound effects/fill-ins which specifically depict a sense of anger and sadness during the scenes of family separation or arrogance are basically the music chords that play a dominant role in the old Bollywood movie plots.

The current scenario is Bollywood music has been focusing on remixes. There has been a change in the lyrics adding a tint of DJ music, which results in modern songs losing their charm in the present age and time. Jab koi baat bigad jayeh… from the movie Jurm (1990) is one of the classic recent examples, which includes a lot of emotions but if you listen to the remake version, there’s a lot of rap added.

Piano and Bollywood

Ek duniya basa le… Basant (1942). The music was directed by Pannalal Ghosh.

Milte hai aankhein dil hua deewana kisi ka… Babul (1950). The music was directed by Naushad Ali.

Ae jaane-e-jigar… Aaram (1951). The music was directed by Anil Biswas.

Main dil hoon ek arman bhara… Anhonee (1952). The music was directed by Roshanlal.

Manzil wohi hai pyar ki… Kathputli (1957). The music was directed by Shankar-Jaikishen.

Koyi sone ka dilwala… Maya (1961). The music was directed by Salil Choudhary.

Khwaab ho tum ya koi… Teen Deviyan (1965). The music was directed by S D Burman.

Chehare pe kushi chhaa jaati hai… Waqt (1965). The music was directed by Ravi.

Aap ke haseen rukh… Baharein Phir Bhi Aayegi (1966). The music was directed by OP Nayyar.


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