Yellow Jacket Unveils The YJACK Path Range Extender in order to Link and Rebroadcast Two P51-870 TITAN Manifolds and Six YJACK Probes

Yellow Jacket Unveils The YJACK Path Range Extender in order to Link and Rebroadcast Two P51-870 TITAN Manifolds and Six YJACK Probes

Yellow Jacket introduces the YJACK Path Range Extender, which has established itself as a complete HVAC/R diagnostic solution. The gadget has a long battery life and is also used to increase the range of P51-870 and YJACK devices.

In order to maintain the status and brand image it has built for itself over the years, Yellow Jacket has been meticulous in its production of some of the major products in this business. Yellow Jacket hopes that by introducing this device, they will be able to develop a robust broadcasting and signaling technique that will work over any obstacles.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • A good network of connected devices can be established with various YJACK Path devices with the help of the YJACK Path Range Extender.
  • The YJACK Path Range Extender can link and retransmit up to six YJACK devices and two P51-870 TITAN devices simultaneously. Additionally, the Device may effectively extend the line of sight signal range of all YJACK and P51-870 TITAN devices by an extra 400 feet.
  • The YJACK Path Range Extender brilliantly boosts the signal intensity under challenging conditions to break past an obstacle and can also be used to go around Bluetooth signal blockages.
  • The YJACK Path Range Extender’s compatibility with YJACK Dew, YJACK Temperature Clamp, YJACK Temperature Strap, and all P51-870 TITAN devices is excellent.
  • The device is quite easy to use thanks to its one-button start-up and excellent interoperability with the YJACK VIEW Application.
  • This gadget can operate between -4°F and 131°F (-18°C and 55°C) and can be stored between -40°F and 122°F (-40°C and 50°C).
  • With the use of two AAA batteries, the device has a 75-hour continuous battery life.

It is advised to bear in mind while using this device that radio interference and nearby obstructions may weaken the signal, which may interfere with productivity and cause results that may vary depending on the surrounding environment.

Features of the YJACK VIEW Application

  • The application efficiently measures the pressure, temperature, saturation temperature, superheat, subcooling, and system evacuation data for HVAC/R systems.
  • With psychrometric calculations, such as percent relative humidity, dry bulb, wet bulb, and dew point temperature conditions, it can properly evaluate indoor air comfort and system efficiency.
  • The app can test the system for leaks and monitor pressure changes over time.
  • This program may employ scale weight test data to calculate system charge throughout charging and recovery activities.
  • The app has the ability to select electrical current readings, check vital system power data, assess regulator gas pressures, and show changes in duct pressure.
  • It may produce detailed service reports tailored to each customer that contain information on the hardware and system measurements.
  • The YJACK and P51-870 TITAN devices nearby can all have their statuses managed by the program. It may also build a unique data display for each measurement and dynamically switch between a large number of concurrent sessions without losing data.
  • A person’s tablet or smartphone can use the software to create data logs that can be saved or emailed.

One can find the application on iOS (version 10 or later) as well as Android- (version 8 or later) smart devices.

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