For the Workers to Work Effectively, Yellow Jacket Introduces the Neck Lights

The Neck Lights from Yellow Jacket are among the must have gadgets

Being precise for work requires the greatest amount of light intensity at some places, however, it would have been excellent if the light had fallen automatically without being held. With the aid of Neck Lights, Yellow Jacket claims to create a situation where employees can obtain light continuously without holding it in their hands.

There are situations where workers must hold the light close to the area they are focusing on as well as the necessary tools. In fact, this causes problems for the workforce and occasionally lowers production. Yellow Jacket provides valued workers with a simple solution to this issue with their premium Neck Lights (Model 10990 and Model 10996).

With the hands-free illumination offered by the Yellow Jacket Neck Lights, you can do your tasks with versatility and ease. The tough, long-lasting neck lights are made to fit securely around the neck while providing intense, focused lighting for up to five hours. The light heads pivot 90 degrees to guarantee that there is light accessible where you need it and are provided with high, low, and off dual power controls. The Neck Light can be purchased alone (PN 10990) or in a 6-pack (10996) with the counter display.

Primary Qualities and Advantages

  • The neck light is provided with dual LED lights, for brighter and intensified illumination.
  • The LED lights give a brightness of up to 200 Lumens.
  • The neck light is completely Hands-Free making, it easier to focus on the job efficiently.
  • The neck light has 90 degrees pivoting head to ensure targeted lighting.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and double AA batteries.

Target Customers

These work gloves are advised to be worn by all HVAC/R and automotive contractors and technicians.

Product Applications

All HVAC/R & Automotive job sites.

Authorized Distributors For Yellow Jacket

KPaul – Veteran Owned – Since 2006, KPaul Industrial has distributed Yellow Jacket products and hundreds of other industrial product categories covering numerous industries and markets. For more information about KPaul Industrial’s capabilities, click here.


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