The Launch of Ergodyne’s Aerial Bucket Series Elevates Previous Hazardously Cramped Workplaces To A New Level of Sophistication in Terms of Safety, Organization, and Effectiveness


Ergodyne has produced and offered a wide variety of equipment for the workers at its full potential, guaranteeing their safety and comfort while working. This time, Ergodyne introduces its brand-new Aerial Bucket Series, which is created exclusively for work in bucket trucks and raised work platforms ensuring the safety and convenience of the product.

Ergodyne specifically created the Aerial Bucket series to address the raised platform issues consumers encountered while working at their separate workstations. A tool board, a tool bag, and a sturdy aerial bucket hook are included in the Aerial Bucket series.

The robust aerial bucket hook, tool board, and tool bag are all designed by highly qualified engineers. The equipment is recognized as one of the most durable products and comes with guaranteed and thorough worker feedback. Additionally, this equipment has numerous pockets and tethering points that have received ANSI approval for use in tight workspaces. The aerial bucket hook is primarily made for mounting innovative solutions that employees will undoubtedly require while working above the surface.

The ANSI 121 standard, which was adopted in 2018, is the first to ever set forth recommended procedures for tethering and moving machinery and hardware. Ergodyne collaborated closely with the International Safety Equipment Association on its development because of its knowledge in the field.

Every minute and inch counts for workers while they are on high work sites or in bucket trucks because their lives are at risk. If they frequently use a hazardous or poorly designed container or platform, they may wind up doing more harm than good by generating serious trip and drop hazards. These solutions, which have tethering hooks that have received ANSI 121 approval and robust, simple-to-attach designs, are created expressly with aerial buckets in mind. With this new series, Ergodyne has the chance to apply its in-depth expertise in dropped object avoidance to improve the safety and productivity of a whole class of workers.

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