Gal ban jae by Nabha City Music Artist Ammy Virk


Today’s post is Gal ban jae by Nabha City Music Artist Ammy Virk. Music Artist Ammy Virk recently released his new single, Gal ban jae…

Gal ban jae by Nabha City Music Artist Ammy Virk

King of Romance and Heartbreak, Ammy Virk’s new song Gal ban jae… will melt your heart!

Gal ban jae…; starred and sung by Punjabi sensation, Ammy Virk; describes the heartache that the lead character, Ammy Virk goes through. It delves deep into the sorrow that follows after infidelity. The tone and the lyrics of the track are like an anthem for those who are yet to find their happy ending. This song evokes the emotion of heartbreak and love all at once. The video is full of emotions and packs in the intensity of the storytelling.

While Ammy Virk’s vocals work like magic, he also stars in the video as an anguished lover. According to him, “Gal ban jae… is a song for those with an incomplete love story. Romantic tracks have a certain connection with most people, the music and lyrics sort of hitting the most vulnerable spot.”

He elaborated further about his experience, “My experience while recording and shooting the song was great. We had a lot of fun while shooting. I would like to thank the entire team for giving their best.”

The song has been directed by Amanninder Singh while the lyrics by Happy Raikoti, which have been set to music by Happy Raikoti and Avvy Sra. The music has been directed by Avvy Sra.


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