Emerson/White-Rodgers 50M56X-843 Universal IFC for PSC & ECMx

Emerson/White-Rodgers 50M56X-843 Universal IFC for PSC & ECMx

Emerson/White-Rodgers 50M56X-843 may be used instead of more than 550 individual component numbers for PSC and ECMx blower motors, which will cut down on truck inventory and expedite the installation process. This new furnace controller has a HotRodTM nitride ignitor that operates at 120V, making it suitable for upgrading 80V systems. Connectors and terminals built into the control board make it possible for popular aftermarket components to be wired straight to it. When an OEM harness is connected, it is immediately recognized by the system’s built-in harness recognition feature.

The groundbreaking White-Rodgers Connect app simplifies settings and provides precise diagnostics from a mobile device. The control may be installed and powered on without completing the configuration process using near-field communication (NFC).

For single-stage furnaces using PSC or ECMx (constant torque) blower motors, the Emerson/White-Rodgers 50M56X-843 universal replacement control kit is the best option. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing ignitor in your furnace or convert an 80V system to 120V, the accompanying HotRodTM 120V ignitor has you covered.

Since all of the standard connectors and terminals used by the industry’s leading OEM brands are built into the 50M56X-843, there’s no need for any adapter harness. As a result, the OEM wire may be connected directly to the control, simplifying the installation process.

Emerson/White-Rodgers 50M56X-843 Universal IFC for PSC & ECMx

Features of the Emerson/White-Rodgers 50M56X-843

  • Compatible with both Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) and (ECMx).
  • Eliminate surplus stock by substituting over 550 individual components.
  • White-Rodgers OEM harness identification and no extra harnesses is needed for quick setup (without power).
  • Diagnostics with the White-Rodgers Connect app.
  • A nitride ignitor for 120V is supplied.
  • Seven-segment liquid crystal display with infinite settings
  • An optional rolling attachment is not needed.
  • Connector block style thermostat for easy wiring

Included in the box:

  • 1 – 50M56X-843 Ignition Control
  • 1 – HotRodTM Ignitor
  • 1 – Installation Instructions
  • 4 – 1/2” Sheet Metal Mounting Screws
  • 6 – 3/16” QC crimp on terminals
  • 6 – 1/4” Female Spade Terminals
  • 5 – Mounting Standoffs
Specification Value Unit
Input Voltage 18-30 VAC
Input Current Max 800mA
Line Frequency 60Hz
Inducer Relay at 120V2.8AFLA
Gas Valve Relay @ 30V1.5Amperes
Ignitor Relay @ 120V1.2Amperes
PSC Circulator Relay10FLA

OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40° to 176°F (-40° to 80°C)
HUMIDITY RANGE: 5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
GASES APPROVED: Natural, Manufactured, Mixed, Liquid Petroleum, and LP Gas Air Mixtures

Quickly get up and running with the Emerson/White-Rodgers 50M56X-843 Connect App:

  • Get the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Launch the White-Rodgers Connect app.
  • From the main menu, choose ‘Connect to Control’.
  • Hold the Device up to the Module’s NFC Logo, and look for the Check Mark.
  • Configure all settings inside the app.
  • Touch ‘Update Control’.
  • Hold Device up to NFC Logo on the Module and watch for the check mark.

After the current stock of the 50M56U-843 Universal Single Stage, IFC for PSC blower motors and the 50X57-843 Universal Single Stage IFC for ECMx Blower Motors is exhausted, production of these components will cease.

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