3 Rappers on their Hustle Journey


Today’s second post is 3 Rappers on their Hustle Journey. MC Square, Paradox and Nazz participated in the rap music reality show called Hustle 2.0.

3 Rappers on their Hustle Journey

After completing 20 episodes in ten weeks, the rap music-based reality show, Hustle 2.0 judged by Badshah concluded on Sunday. Amidst tough competition among five finalists, Faridabad’s Abhishek Baisla, better known by his stage name MC Square, was recently the declared winner of Hustle 2.0. While Tanishq Singh (Paradox) and Nihar Hodawadekar (Nazz) became the finalists for the show.

Speaking on his journey through the show, winner MC Square shared, “I never imagined that I would win this amidst such a talented bunch of people. Frankly, it’s a mixed feeling. Gravity, Naaz and Paradox were already known to me. While winning the show amidst them, I only have gratitude in my heart for everyone for making me win this. It was my childhood dream of becoming a star and now I can proudly tell my mother that her son is indeed one”

Tanishq Singh aka Paradox sharing his journey said, “I’ve been doing music for a very long time. I started rapping 4 years back and from then I have been doing my bit. I knew people on the show. The process was very interesting as I got to learn a lot from each and everyone. All of us have put in a lot of effort and it feels good to be on a platform like this.”

Nazz, who has always proved his mettle with his rap composition over the years said, “My bonding with everyone on the show was quite commendable. I knew Paradox and Gravity for long. I always knew they are going to do good in life.”

The atmosphere these rappers have managed to create with their songs has been experimental. Although there was tough competition between contestants, MC Square took the trophy home.


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