The New 40V MAX XGT 8.0AH Battery From MAKITA: For Power-Hungry Tasks, a High-Capacity Battery’s Increased Output and Extended Lifespan, are Invaluable.

The New 40V MAX XGT 8.0AH Battery From MAKITA: For Power-Hungry Tasks, a High-Capacity Battery's Increased Output and Extended Lifespan, are Invaluable.

Contractors, now have access to more output power for demanding tasks thanks to the new 40V max XGT 8.0Ah Battery (BL4080F) from Makita USA, Inc., a producer of high-quality professional tools, outdoor power equipment, and accessories. It is suitable for use with XGT equipment and tools tackling demanding tasks, such as the new 80V max (40V X2) XGT 14″ Power Cutter. It is compatible with all items in the growing XGT System (GEC01, sold separately).

XGT, the All-in-One System for Cordless Tools

With XGT, customers have access to a single system that can power anything from standard handheld tools like drills and impact drivers to heavy-duty machinery like high-capacity saws, rotary hammers, and power cutters, all with a maximum voltage of 40V. The new 40V MAX XGT 8.0AH Battery is part of the System’s growing lineup, which will include 100+ items.

A Greater Duration of Use for the 40V MAX XGT 8.0AH Battery

Compared to the 40V max XGT 4.0Ah battery (BL4040), the new 8.0Ah battery can provide up to twice as much run time due to its increased output power. The XGT Rapid Optimum Charger may be fully charged in 76 minutes or less (DC40RA). The smart charging system’s in-built processors provide two-way communication between the battery and charger to regulate the flow of electricity and the associated temperature.

During charging, the XGT Charger’s battery and circuit board are cooled by the device’s two built-in fans. XGT batteries, such as the 2.5Ah (BL4025), 4.0Ah (BL4040), 5.0Ah (BL4050F), and new 8.0Ah (BL80F), benefit from the enhanced charging efficiency provided by these characteristics, allowing them to spend less time plugged into the wall and more time doing useful work.

Ability to last and work together

The new 40V MAX XGT 8.0AH Battery, like other XGT batteries, is built for maximum resilience on the work site. Batteries are designed with an upgraded impact-resistant exterior shell, a shock-absorbing inner liner, an increased cooling system developed to optimize battery life, and impact-resistant stiff rails to keep the battery attached to the tool during rigorous work. To prevent overload, over-discharge, and overheating, the XGT battery system is equipped with digital communication technology that maintains constant two-way dialogue with the tool while it operates.

40V | 80V max System XGT

In every way, XGT is superior to the competition. Makita’s cutting-edge research and development efforts have resulted in groundbreaking XGT technology enabling advanced machinery and tools development. The XGT system was developed specifically for resource-intensive tasks and provides more robust solutions.

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