Makita has Established itself as one of the Most Significant Manufacturing Industries by introducing Robotic Vacuum Cleaners and Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaners.


Makita produces a variety of professional peripherals in addition to power tools, equipment, cleaning products, and pneumatics sold worldwide. For the benefit of the users, Makita has introduced a whole line of robotic and cordless backpack vacuum cleaners under the LXT and XGT brands.

La Mirada, California-based Makita USA, Inc. runs a substantial distribution network across the United States. Makita has been manufacturing best-in-class solutions for over 100 years internationally and for 50 years in the United States.


The gears that fall within the category of cordless backpack vacuum cleaners are renowned for their exceptional mobility, outstanding performance, better ergonomics, and lightweight.

The New 40V max XGT Brushless 2-Quart HEPA Filter Backpack Vacuum (GCV05)

A significant upgrade for backpack vacuum enthusiasts is the upcoming GCV05. Compared to the previous LXT model, these cordless backpack vacuum cleaners have two times as much suction force (85 CFM, 72″ water lift). It also has a long run time: A 40V max XGT 5.0Ah battery can run continuously for up to an hour on a single battery charge.

36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless ½ Gallon HEPA Filter Backpack Dry Vacuum (XCV09)

The XCV09 runs for an entire 116 minutes on a single charge with a regular setting and is driven by two 18V LXT batteries. It is lightweight (9.9 lbs. with batteries), which makes it too easy to carry. It has an adjustable belt clip and cushioned shoulder strap for increased fit and comfort.

36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 1.6 Gallon HEPA Filter Backpack Dry Vacuum (XCV17)

For effective portable cleaning, the recently made XCV17 blends efficiency and capacity with minimal weight. With batteries, it weighs about 15 lbs. and can run continuously for up to 139 minutes on two 18V batteries and traditional settings. It has an adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps that are cushioned, which adds a lot of comfort.


The Robotic Vaccum gears are explicitly created to clean expansive areas in business settings.

NEW 18V X2 LXT Brushless Smart Robotic HEPA Filter Vacuum (DRC300)

A clever option for effectively cleaning vast spaces is the new LXT Robotic Vacuum. Up to five rooms with a combined area of more than 100,000 sq ft can be saved and mapped using LiDAR sensor technology and a front camera sensor. Once the specialized app is installed, it can link to a smartphone for intelligent cleaning. The brushless motor offers the highest level of efficiency: Using two 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries, a single charge will allow it to clean about 5,380 sq ft.

18V X2 LXT Brushless Robotic Vacuum (DRC200)

Innovative guiding technology is included with this professional robotic vacuum to boost performance. Using two 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries, the brushless motor will vacuum about 5,380 sq ft on a single battery charge, offering similar endurance as the new DRC300.

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