Baahon mein by Delhi Music Artist Kamal Dua


Today’s second post is Baahon mein by Delhi Music Artist Kamal Dua. Kamal Dua’s latest song, Baahon mein…, is an ode to love, longing and heartbreak.

Baahon mein by Delhi Music Artist Kamal Dua

New but very versatile in the game; Kamal Dua, who is a singer, lyricist and music producer; just dropped his latest piece of work – his song Baahon mein… and the audience cannot stop relating to every line.

It is a coincidence that the song is relatable but in reality, this song is a very personal experience that Kamal Dua has tried to depict.

Kamal Dua, who hails from India and is currently in Canada for his studies says, “I wrote this song after my heartbreak. Words just came to me and thereafter the music flowed! And I’m glad that the audience is able to resonate with the song. I cannot think of a higher compliment that an artist can receive!”

This is a very artistic composition given by Kamal Dua. The lyrics are simple yet melodically soothing and give the vibe of a typical Bollywood love ballad. Kamal Dua ventured out of his comfort zone of hip-hop to compose this song, which was released recently for everyone to savor.

The entire music and instrument of the song; including the guitar, cello and drums have been produced by Kamal Dua himself in a span of 2 to 3 days. Every beat was carefully crafted to accurately display and complement the lyrics of the song. He has put his heart and soul, literally, into this music piece.

The song has been mixed by another production house, Hasal Beats and the reviews have been commendable!

Kamal Dua is overwhelmed with the response pouring in from all corners. He believes music has a certain vibe and if that vibe is embraced, then great compositions can be made. He promises to come up with more songs in the near future and live up to the expectations of his audience.

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