A Few Reasons Why You Should Carry the Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight.

A Few Reasons Why You Should carry the Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight.

High-quality tactical flashlights are life savers, both metaphorically and physically. They may be employed in both normal and emergency or survival scenarios because of their adaptability. As flexible as it gets, the Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight is loved by professionals, enthusiasts, and law enforcement alike.

I put the Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight to the test. My research indicates that the Pelican 7600 could be a top patrol light option for law enforcement today. The Pelican 7600 is a well-built flashlight, immediately apparent when I took it out of the package and held it in my hands. In addition to making the surface abrasion-resistant, the type III hard-anodized finish also gives it a premium appearance. Everything you touch feels high-quality. Let’s investigate its unique characteristics now.

PELICAN 7600 Tactical Flashlight Specifications

The diameter of the 7600 is 1.3 inches, and it is 6.19 inches long. This lamp includes a switch assembly and a bezel that make it thicker on the ends rather than being designed as a straight textured tube-like typical products in the market. This torch gives the user a secure grip and is simple to orient without looking at because of its lack of harsh texturing.

With 944 lumens, the 7600 produces the most light (12,693 candelas). A medium setting is 479 lumens, while a low setting is 37 lumens. The beam’s large and comfortingly brilliant core is significant. It employs a textured reflector to produce a flood beam with no sharp edges.

A Few Reasons Why You Should carry the Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight.

The tactical flashlight’s body is concentrically aligned with the beam, which is consistently bright and free of hot spots. The beam has no hot patches, is uniformly illuminated, and is centered on the light source. The two LED emitters fire through the same reflector is advantageous.

Given that Pelican is a brand recognized for producing tough equipment, the 7600’s IPX8 rating, which makes it entirely submersible, is not surprising. The element that surprises me is the revolving ring switch in the bezel, which is a challenging technical feat to make submersible.

PELICAN 7600 Tactical Flashlight Field Use

If an officer finds themselves in close quarters, in conflict unexpectedly, or during a foot pursuit, the non-slip grip provided by the 7600 body design makes it simple to hold onto this flashlight. It is the perfect size to tuck under the arm for reloads and citation writing.

When using the Harries approach, the emitter is placed in front of the trigger rather than beside it. At the same time, the thumb remains close to the switch for night operations. By pushing the momentary tail switch a specific number of times, the 7600 may be programmed.

When I use the momentary switch sequence, my lamp is in the default setting: high/strobe/medium/low. I enjoy this setting since it starts with high and then switches to strobe with a second touch. Other programming choices include a high alone and a low beam that activates immediately after pressing the tail switch.

The default programming does precisely what I want, switching the bright beam to the strobe in reaction to a startle. It is easy to cycle through the available settings to get the lowest level.

It has red and green settings, a benefit despite being a touch brighter than other low lights from comparable items. I think it’s acceptable that the red and green settings don’t flash or fade.

A click activates the thumb switch. A half press for momentary and a full press for clicking. To prevent unintentional activation, the switch is sufficiently recessed. The rubber covering is textured, and it feels good.

White light, red, and then green are displayed on the switch. Despite being used to preserve night vision and illuminate evidence, these supplemental LEDs fired through the reflector are relatively bright.

Maintaining night vision is a benefit of the red. For other items, the green LED was effective at boosting contrast. The red helps to preserve night vision. The green LED performed a fantastic job of boosting the contrast for specific objects. It’s not a forensic light source, but it will do for a preliminary patrol level sweep. Because many animals can’t detect green light or don’t care about it, hunters utilize it.

PELICAN 7600 Tactical Flashlight Battery Life

Compared to the light output, the battery life is a little superior. Twenty-nine hours of use at the lowest light output level is possible with the rechargeable battery cell.

The 2600MAh lithium-ion cell used by Pelican 7600 is of the highest quality and is firmly mounted in the body. Even with a direct strike, the beam and lens of this light were unaffected when dropped from 4 ft onto concrete.

A Few Reasons Why You Should carry the Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight.

The USB charging port is visible in the ring’s fourth rotational position. Its five-hour charge time for the 18650 cells is a drawback. Two CR123 batteries can be inserted and stored using the adaptor that is included with the lamp. First, regular USB charging is used instead of a specialized, expensive fixture. Second, the light has an adapter for installing and storing two CR123 batteries.

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