Laapata by Chicago Music Artist Subhi


Today’s first post is Laapata by Chicago Music Artist Subhi. Music Artist Subhi, collaborating with Kanishk Seth, released a new single Laapata…

Laapata by Chicago Music Artist Subhi

Indie music artists Subhi and Kanishk Seth, recently, collaborated for the first time for this lovely track called Laapata…, which was released recently. This will be Subhi’s first Hindi release in a span of over a year. Kanishk Seth produced the track and the track is mixed and mastered by Prathamesh Dudhane. 

Subhi is known for using her real-life inspirations into her music and when asked about this track she says, “Laapata… is about feeling inspired and lost at the same time. I am grateful for the freedom I have to do what I love the most and at the same time, I realize how unpredictable and unknown this journey is. As I am getting older, wiser; I am realizing life is bittersweet. Many times, I find myself feeling a little lost, questioning the purpose of my work and where it is taking me. I keep reminding myself it is okay to feel lost, to wander and in the process re-discover myself. Laapata… is about finding solace in feeling lost on a crossroad you’ve been on before.”

Subhi also adds, “When I created this song, it played in my head continuously for days together. That’s when I knew I had to put it out there. I am so excited to share this song with the world. This is the first original song; I have collaborated with Kanishk Seth for. I created the song and reached out to Kanishk. He liked the composition and came onboard as the producer. Originally, I had a very different vision of how I’d like the music to be. Kanishk had his own ideas regarding how the track should sound. We started off with discussing ideas and with a lot of changes and finally, landed at a sweet spot where we both fell in love with the track. I feel Kanishk did a fantastic job at producing the track and helped me complete the vision of the song. This is a song which grows on you. It was fun working with Prathamesh Dudhane, who has mixed and mastered Laapata…. Kanishk and I have created Laapata…, with all our heart. It is a perfect road-trip song. I hope people give it as much love as we have poured into creating it.”

Kanishk Seth says, “When I had started working on Laapata…, I remember we had such different ideas in the beginning. Subhi had certain ideas that you will have to make it a momentabalistic, yet a bit modern sounding track. When I was listening while producing the song, I could just hear a lot of live instruments, especially a lot of ukulele and guitars towards the end because we wanted to make it a bit grand. So, that’s how we made so many alterations and it took both of us a certain time to shift towards that and that’s how we gradually made this beautiful song Laapata… And whenever I listen to the song, I always imagine going for a road trip or just feeling lost at the same time irrespective of life just like the lines of the song.”

He adds, “I am really excited to have produced this and it has been a joy working with Subhi on this song. We are also glad that we worked with Prathamesh Dudhane, the mixing engineer who mixes tracks for a lot of indie artists and also the feature film, Gehraiyaan. So, it’s been a wonderful project working with everybody on the
song. And I really hope people like it.”


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