All you babe by Mumbai Music Artist Anushka Jagtiani


Today’s first post is All you babe by Mumbai Music Artist Anushka Jagtiani. Music Artist Anushka Jagtiani recently released the song, All you babe…

All you babe by Mumbai Music Artist Anushka Jagtiani

All you babe… is a song about being totally infatuated without someone and unapologetically expressing feelings. Written by Anushka Jagtiani, Duddy Brown and Dani Poppit, the song, All you babe…, is an unabashed expression of effortless love. With her uncomplicated lyrics and textured vocals, Anushka Jagtiani delivers a vibrant track that connects with all those who have loved at any point of time in their life All you babe…; a simple love song conveying the emotion of being fully and completely besotted with someone.

Anushka Jagtiani says, “All you babe… is all about expressing your infatuation in an uninhibited way.  I hope to be joined by my audiences in this assertion of sentiments.”

Produced by reputed LA based producer Duddy Brown, the track has been written by Anushka Jagtiani, Duddy Brown and Dani Poppitt, All you babe…, opens with a hint of frustration because the object of the singer’s affection has put her in the friend zone. But the song goes on to describe passionate feelings.

The hook is simple. All you babe… It’s easy to sing along to. The song made it to many editorial playlists on Spotify and Apple Music India, including future hits and a list pop on Apple.

Anushka Jagtiani is a singer, songwriter, philanthropist and graduate of the London School of Economics. She has worked as a television reporter and presenter for prominent news networks including NDTV.


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