Refrigeration motors and compressors from US MOTORS

Refrigeration motors and compressors from US MOTORS

With refrigeration motors from the US MOTORS brand, you can reduce your energy usage and increase the dependability of your refrigerated equipment. At each stage of the delivery and manufacturing of your perishable goods, you can rely on US MOTORS refrigeration motors, made by Nidec Motor Corporation, to maintain the steady temperatures you require.

They can locate the ideal condenser fan motor design for your application if you want to optimize energy savings and reduce the possibility of food deterioration. US MOTORS offers a broad selection of the industry’s best refrigeration motors for both OEMs and replacement motors for significant OEM refrigeration equipment.

Since motor failure is not an option for your business, you can depend on a dependable US MOTORS brand refrigeration motor product wherever you are along the global cold chain since it has been designed for maximum longevity and performance in a range of climatic situations. 

Some examples of refrigeration motors are :

Authorized Distributors

KPaul – Veteran Owned – Since 2006, KPaul Industrial has distributed US Motors products and hundreds of other industrial product categories covering numerous industries and markets. For more information about KPaul Industrial’s capabilities, click here


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