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Metal industry motors by NIDAC’s US MOTORS

Nidec’s commercial and metal industry motors deliver top performance and durability; whether businesses are engaged in casting or processing, the metals sector is always in demand. The US MOTORS brand has a solid reputation in the metals sector and offers dependable products in the face of demanding applications. They have the perfect motor for reliable secondary use, such as water pumping or wastewater treatment, or to power metalworking’s casting or processing phase. Some of the standard severe duty motors available are-

Metal industry motors: The WORLD MOTOR Line

The cutting-edge cast-iron, fully enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) World Motor line products withstand the toughest environmental conditions when your severe duty applications require extreme performance. The World Motor horizontal motors range offers you a broad array of U.S.-made goods, including HOSTILE DUTY, CORRO-DUTY, 841 PLUS, and INVERTER DUTYTM products. Products bearing the MOTORS name are of high quality and cutting-edge design. This well-acclaimed product series delivers durability and energy economy for a range of heavy-duty applications, including the demanding metals sector.

These items are designed to endure a range of heavy-duty applications in oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper sawmills, foundries, waste management, chemical plants, and other process-related sectors. World Motor products meet or exceed International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) or National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) requirements if you seek adaptability and universal capability. Few of the features of the world motor line are-

  • World Motor is constructed with a bigger conduit box for a simpler connection. Better conduit box sealing offers superior environmental defense. 
  • Many conduit box positions and connecting possibilities are offered for an easier fit into any system.
  • Construction made entirely of 140 frame-size cast iron is more durable than rolled steel. World Motor offers strong dependability for heavy-duty applications.
  • Older installations that may have supported smaller or bigger motors can be replaced more easily, thanks to dual-drilled feet. The mounting pad and foundations do not need to be changed.
  • Because the motor operates at a lower temperature, the insulation on the windings lasts longer. Higher efficiency is delivered by a motor that runs cooler.
Metal industry motors: World Motor Line by US Motors

Metal industry motors: ACCU-TORQ Motors

The ACCU-TORQ TEBC and TENV motors can be just what you need if you need endless amounts of torque at various speeds. These motors’ cast-iron construction enables them to survive challenging circumstances in various applications, including those related to the metals sector. The energy-efficient and dependable ACCU-TORQ motors meet the speed and torque specifications needed by the metals processing sector while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

The ACCU-SeriesTM variable speed line enables product compatibility for a real system solution. It is simple to select suitable variable speed motors and drives that operate together for better, more dependable performance with these solution-driven solutions, which are created to be utilized as a system. These motors were created to meet the demands of driving systems with varying speeds. 

  • Motors are built to withstand continuous torque loads, such as those used in cranes, positive displacement pumps, and conveyors.
  • Varied Torque: Motors made especially to handle loads with variable torque, including pumps and fans.

The food and beverage, water, packaging, wastewater, and irrigation sectors, to mention a few, all employ ACCU-Series variable speed motors for several applications. The Nidec Motor Corporation is steadfastly committed to enhancing its motors’ accuracy, effectiveness, functionality, and variable speed systems. Together, they function flawlessly for utmost dependability, inspiring the assurance that comes from having a single point of accountability for both the motor and the drive. Here are a few of ACCU-TORQ TEBC Motors.

Metal industry motors: ACCU-TORQ TEBC Motors by US Motors

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