Asha Bhonsle Sings for O P Nayyar


Today’s post is Asha Bhonsle Sings for O P Nayyar. I have been planning this article for a long time now. And here it is finally presented to you. Nayyar Sahab is considered to have given Asha Bhonsle her own identity. They seem to have had a close relationship, so much so that people have thought that the composer and singer were romantically involved. Personal issues are none of my business. I just mentioned it in passing because some readers are under the impression that I don’t research the topics I write on.

Let me hurry up and clarify that I don’t claim to be an expert in any field. Goddess Saraswati once said, “There is such vast knowledge in the cosmos. But what I know can hardly fill my fist.” If that’s the case with Goddess Saraswati, I am nothing in front of Her.

So, I only like to dwell on the creative works they have shared with the listeners for eternity. I do love O P Nayyar’s compositions and particularly those that he had made Asha Bhonsle sing. I have chosen some of the gems that they have collaborated on, in this post. I hope you like them.

Asha Bhonsle Sings for O P Nayyar

Ude jab jab zulfen teri… Naya Daur (1957)

Aayiye meherbaan… Howrah Bridge (1958)

Main pyarka rahi hoon… Ek Musafir Ek Haseena (1962)

Deewana hua badal… Kashmirki Kali (1964)

Isharon isharon mein dil lenewale… Kashmirki Kali (1964)

Jayiye aap kaha jayenge… Mere Sanam (1965)

Yeh hai reshmi zulfonka andhera… Mere Sanam (1965)

Aao huzoor tumko… Kismat (1968)

Chainse humko kabhi… Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye (1974)


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