Top 20 Punjabi Songs – August 26, 2022


Today’s second post is Top 20 Punjabi Songs – August 26, 2022. This article is a listicle of the topmost 20 popular Punjabi songs liked by fans this week. There is no change in the song sequence this week. I have mentioned last week’s and current positions beside the songs in the list.

I am supposed to share a video with this article and this week, again I just can’t help but get tempted to share the Rangla Punjab Part 2, by our Team Punjab. I don’t know why but though I am a South Indian, I am ALSO strongly attracted to the Punjabi culture. Probably, the reason could be that Mom was brought up by Nanaji in a Punjabi environment in New Delhi where I was born. I also feel that I have some connection to Punjabi culture from one of my previous births.

Like I love Madurai Meenakshi, Triplicane Parthasarathy, Aarupadaiveedu Murugan and Chidambaram temple deities from the South, so do I love and wish I could visit my dearest Vaishno Devi and the Golden Temple at Amritsar sometime in my life. (Sigh) Whatever it is, I feel so Indian inside out, with the Indian culture seeping from my pores and running in my veins. At the same time, I call myself a modern traditional. And THAT is something I feel proud of.

Top 20 Punjabi Songs – August 26, 2022

The numbers in brackets show the position of that particular song in last week’s hit-list.

  1. Designer… Guru Randhawa. (First)
  2. The last ride… Sidhu Moosewala. (Second)
  3. 295… Sidhu Moosewala. (Third)
  4. Pasoori… Ali Sethi/Shae Gill. (Fourth)
  5. Athru… Preet Aulakh. (Fifth)
  6. Levels… Sidhu Moosewala. (Sixth)
  7. Famous… Sidhu Moosewala. (Seventh)
  8. Excuses… A P Dhillon/Gurinder Gill. (Eighth)
  9. Ud gaya… B Praak. (Ninth)
  10. Dope ni tu… Vulcan Music. (Tenth)
  11. Desires… A P Dhillon/Shinda Kahlon. (Eleventh)
  12. Pagal shayar… Babbu Maan. (Twelfth)
  13. Big men… Gurlez Akhtar. (Thirteenth)
  14. Mera yaar… Gurnam Bhullar. (Fourteenth)
  15. Fitoor ishq da… Prateek Gandhi. (Fifteenth)
  16. Dil tarse… Avvy Khaira. (Sixteenth)
  17. Beliya… Gurnam Bhullar. (Seventeenth)
  18. Ykwim… Karan Aujla/Kr$na/Mehar Vaani. (Eighteenth)
  19. Pent straight… Gurnam Bhullar. (Nineteenth)
  20. G life… Ravie Randhawa. (Twentieth)

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