Patthar EP by Delhi Music Artist Abhishek Bakhshi


Patthar EP by Delhi Music Artist Abhishek Bakhshi – that’s today’s first post. Delhi Music Artist Abhishek Bakhshi has released a new EP called Patthar, which is a compilation of 3 songs.

Patthar EP by Delhi Music Artist Abhishek Bakhshi

Patthar EP, launched on the Koinage Records official YouTube channel along with other music streaming platforms; tapes a tale of a heartbreak and the emotions that overwhelms a person after that.

It is written, sung and composed by Abhishek Bakhshi and consists of three tracks, Why Cry…, Patthar… and Ik hor raatPatthar song from the EP was shot for the audience, whereas the other two videos are lyrical.

This nostalgic EP starts with Why cry, following the conversation between him and his girlfriend who now wants to return to him by asking for his forgiveness, but since he understands the true motive behind the forgiveness, he doesn’t want to fall back into the same loop he was in.

Patthar is the second song of the EP and was beautifully captured in a video featuring Abhishek Bakshi and Actor Deepali Chauhan for the audience. It follows the conversation between the singer and his heart. As a singer, he is looking for inspiration to write and his heart suggests meeting his old flame. The singer is scared if he does that, she might hurt his heart again!

In the third and final song of the extended play, Ik hor raat…, the singer admits missing her and how her thoughts and his emotions for her overwhelm him night after night. With this final track, Abhishek Bakhshi’s extended play Patthar… promises a teary ride along the journey of heartbreak with its beautiful and heartfelt lyrics!

Talking about the Patthar EP, Abhishek Bakhshi said, “These are not just three songs but my hard work of many years. Today when they are released on my birthday, it still feels like a dream. Now I am eagerly waiting to see how listeners find Patthar EP.”

Abhishek Bakhshi hails from the city of Ambala, Punjab, and is a talented singer, lyricist and composer. In 2015, as a music producer, his song, Dil waali gal…, was released through Speed Records and Faithless song from Hanny Records. 

Abhishek has also worked as a music producer for songs like Ae watan… by Mohit Chauhan and Nashe ka sahara… by Rajeev Raja. Apart from these, he has also composed and sung songs for the upcoming Season 4 of The Aam Aadmi Family, one of the popular web series in India.

He recently released his latest track, Tu theher jaa… and Sang chalu…, in heart-to-heart series on his YouTube channel and other music streaming platforms, garnering immense love and support from music lovers.


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