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Today’s second post is the analysis of the song, Jolly-o-gymkhana, from the Tamil movie, Beast (2022). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and picturization.

Movie – Beast (2022)

The song, Jolly-o-gymkhana, was featured in the Sun Pictures’ comic action movie, Beast (2022), directed by Nelson. The movie starred Vijay, Pooja Hegde, etc.

Veera (Vijay) is a RAW agent and is traumatized while during his mission of stopping a terrorist from escaping a particular place in Kashmir, an innocent child he knew comes into the field of the missile and dies. Then, Veera has to visit a psychiatrist for several months. It so happens that while counselling Veera, the psychiatrist gets into depression and has to consult a senior psychiatrist, paying 1000 bucks more for the consultation than Veera does.

On the suggestion of the senior psychiatrist, Veera’s psychiatrist takes his patient to a North Indian wedding, in a bid to distract him from his trauma. At the wedding, a girl (Pooja Hegde) comes along to hook her arm in his and tells her friends that Veera is of the right height for her compared to the groom selected for her.

Veera’s psychiatrist leaves his patient with the girl, giving the excuse that he is going to gift the newlyweds something he had brought and instructing the girl to take care of Veera, for he should not get lost. The girl, whose name is Preethi, tells Veera, he could hold her hand if he was frightened to be alone. Veera says that the doctor hasn’t brought any present with him and warns her to stay away from him or he might get intimate with her. Then, he moves away from her.

His sensitivity toward children and bravery makes her fall in love with her. Preethi also convinces him to accept her love for him. She gets him a job with the security agency she works with – Dominic and Soldiers. The owner, Dominic (VTV Ganesh) takes them to a mall to ask the owner, why he had terminated their security contract. One thing leads to another and they are caught inside the terrorist hijacked building, with no hope for survival.

The director takes you through an intriguing journey during the terrorist attack and shows how Veera saves the day with the help of his friends. I usually wait for a song, since most of today’s movies just bore me. But once the terrorist attack began, things began to get interesting and I forgot about the song part. There’s only one song in between. I will write about it later because I did not find a video of the song per se. The video I found was a kind of promo for the movie. I won’t go into details about what happens during the hijack and how Veera saves most of the people. But post this operation, the team reaches Goa to celebrate where they perform this song.

Song – Jolly-o-gymkhana

The lyrics of the song, Jolly-o-gymkhana, were penned by Ku, Karthik and set to music by Anirudh Ravichandar.

The song goes thus, “Let’s watch what happens. Stand up with zeal. Will you trust me, Friend?”

Video – Jolly-o-gymkhana

Cinematography is by Manoj Paramahamsa. The dance choreography is by Jani Master.

The video opens with Composer Anirudh, Director Nelson, Dance Choreographer Jani Master and Singer-Song Writer Bjorn Surrao playing different musical instruments. Anirudh, Nelson, Jani Master and Bjorn Surrao appear only in this song. Vijay is sitting on the front of a moving beach vehicle.

In the next shot, Vijay and Pooja Hegde are seen dancing. It begins to snow! The scene, then, shifts to a desert. Soon, the song and the video end abruptly as the celebrities stop dancing and one of the male dancers in the group appears in front with an accordion.


Vijay himself sang this song for Vijay. Pooja Hegde, VTV Ganesh, Composer Anirudh, Director Nelson, Dance Choreographer Jani Master, Singer-Song Writer Bjorn Surrao and other actors are also seen in this video.

Cultural Influence

The song does not have the influence of any culture on it. I love the feet-tapping music of the song and the message it has in the lyrics. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the dance.


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