Man Mauji (1962) – A Complete Review


Today’s second post is Man Mauji (1962) – A Complete Review. Man Mauji (1962) is the story of a whimsical person, played by Kishore Kumar, and his adventures. Let’s have a look at the general analysis of the movie, particularly the music.

Man Mauji (1962) – A Complete Review

  1. Many times; known wayward people, who turn a new leaf in their lives, are not trusted even after their reformation. This is one of the many movies that depict this probable reality.
  2. What I loved about Madan Mohan’s composition of Murgine jhooth bola… is its coming twice. The reason is that the 2 songs have been sung by 2 different singers. The childhood version was sung by Kamal Barot and the older version by Asha Bhonsle. It’s obvious that as we get older, our voice changes. This fact has been considered and beautifully used by the composer. This song shows the beautiful bond of love between a brother and sister. It also helps the siblings meet again after ages of separation. This is significant because we are talking about the pre-DNA Testing times.
  3. The movie went fine with the comic and emotional scenes, which I enjoyed, for some time. I particularly loved the song Murgine jhooth bola…, which has a message in it. Needless to say, I love songs with messages, hidden or not. However, the song Zarurat hai zarurat hai zaroorat hai… really disappointed me. The lyrics by Rajinder Kishan demean women and reduce us to just people serving men. The concept of women empowerment and a me time for us, has not been considered.
  4. But through Ek tha Abdul Rahman…; the composer and lyricist have emphasized the fact that women can be a very strong inspiration for men to come on to the right track from a life of crime and maybe addiction, too, for it is due to the inspiration of the beloved of the lead male actor that he doesn’t give up in life and begins to earn through selling green groceries.

Man Mauji (1962) – Songs

Murgine jhooth bola…

Chanda ja chanda jare jare…

Zarurat hai zarurat hai zaroorat hai…

Main toh tum sang…

Murgine jhooth bola (part 2)

Ek tha Abdul Rahman…

Aaya hai kahanse peeke deewane…

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