Bollywoody Chahna


Today’s post is Bollywoody Chahna. Bollywood lyricists have used the word, Chahna or to love, to desire, etc very beautifully. Chahna is the base word and its varied forms like Chahoonga, Chahiye (need), etc., besides the base word have been used in several Bollywood songs. I have chosen some of my favorite Bollywood songs having the different forms of the word, Chahna, for this post. I hope you like them.

Bollywoody Chahna

Chahoonga main tujhe… Dosti (1964)

Chahiye thoda pyar… Lahooke Do Rang (1979)

Nahin chahiye rang mahal na dhani adulation ki aas… College Girl (1978)

Tumhara pyaar chahiye mujhe jeene ke liye… Manokamana (1980)

Koi na koi chahiye… Deewana (1992)


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