Meri pyaari beheniya – Kishore Kumar – Kalyanji-Anandji – Rajesh Khanna | Sachaa-Jhootha (1970)


Today’s first post is the analysis of the song, Meri pyaari beheniya, from the Bollywood movie Sachaa-Jhootha (1970). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and picturization.

Movie – Sachaa-Jhootha (1970)

The song, Meri pyaari beheniya, appears in V R Films’ super hit drama movie Sachaa-Jhootha (1970), meaning Honest-Liar, directed by Manmohan Desai and produced by Vinod Doshi. The star-cast of the movie includes Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz, Vinod Khanna, Naaz, etc. The Tamil remake of this movie was titled Ninaithadhai Mudippanavan (Finishes Everything He Thinks) with M G Ramachandran and M N Nambiar in the lead roles, which released in 1975. A few scenes in this movie were different from the original. The Kannada remake was titled Mutthanna starring Shiva Rajkumar.

Bhola (Rajesh Khanna) as his name suggests is an innocent band musician, living with his differently-abled sister Belu (Naaz). Since he requires more money for his sister’s marriage, he leaves for Bombay (Mumbai now) to earn. He has to leave his sister in the care of their tyrannical step-mother. As he leaves for the big city, he sings this song.

Song – Meri pyaari beheniya

The music of the song, Meri pyaari beheniya, has been composed by Kalyanji-Anandji and lyrics were penned by Indeewar.

The man sings, “My beloved sister will become a bride. The groom will be dressed up handsomely. I, the brother, will play my musical instruments.”

Video – Meri pyaari beheniya

The cinematographer is Peter Pereira.

The video begins with Rajesh Khanna teasing Naaz as he begins to sing. Naaz blushes and he plays the musical instruments that he is wearing, like the trumpet and the drum. They walk toward the railway station with their pet dog.

Rajesh Khanna and Naaz walk through fields, as he continues to sing. When they reach the railway station; Naaz becomes sad and is in tears, as a train enters the station. He plays the clarinet. The song and the video end abruptly there.


Kishore Kumar sings this song for Rajesh Khanna. Naaz and other actors are also present in the video.

Cultural influence

This song signifies the bonding between a brother and his sister, particularly how he teases her about her marriage. Every girl would want a brother like the hero of this movie. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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  1. Kalyanji Anandji hold all the rights of their music composed by both the brothers for all the Indian movies since 1955.
    No Copy rights are given to any third party.
    U tube will broadcast all kalyanji Anandj’is songs, Concerts and news Alerts.

    Peter Valambia
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