Music Artist Rahul B Seth Remembers KK


Today’s third post is Music Artist Rahul B Seth Remembers KK. Well-known Versatile Music Composer-Lyricist-Singer Rahul B Seth shares some of his memories of late Singer KK. Additionally, this post also has some of the former’s favorite songs sung by KK.

Music Artist Rahul B Seth Remembers KK

Music composer-Lyricist-Singer Rahul B Seth fondly remembers his association with late Singer KK and shares with us some vivid memories of them working together on several occasions, along with his list of his favorite songs sung by the late singer.

Rahul B Seth recalls, “KK, as everyone knew, was a very passionate and dedicated vocalist, which showed in every song that he sang. At the onset of my creative journey in advertising, KK was already a much sought-after singer for ad jingles in multiple languages. So, when I started composing and creating ad jingles, spots and anthems for leading agencies, my obvious choice for singing some of them was KK. We instantly hit it off, as he really liked my style of composing and the way I used to sing out the jingles for him to imbibe. Then, he started singing for films as well and made quite a mark. I too had begun writing lyrics and singing for various film music composers, one of them being Anu Malik.”

Rahul B Seth reminisces how he was requested by Anu Malik to write certain portions of a song and also sing them out, for Ghaath (2000), starring Manoj Bajpayee.

Music Artist Rahul B Seth Remembers KK (L to R - Robin Khosla, KK and Rahul B Seth)
Music Artist Rahul B Seth Remembers KK (L to R – Robin Khosla, KK and Rahul B Seth)

He says, “It was such a pleasant surprise for me when I learnt that my co-singers were going to be KK and Shaan. So, there we were, the three of us, singing the song Jo dar gaya wo mar gaya…, with gusto. We had such great fun singing it together. The song had a funny hook phrase that went like AAAOOON… AAAOOON… O O O O, which kept repeating, sung together by us. Post the song, this phrase actually became a code word amongst me, KK and Shaan, as in, whenever calling each other on phone, or meeting in person, instead of saying “Hello or Hi” we would say Aaaoon aaaoon as a form of greeting and have a great laugh. Then, KK beautifully sang a song written by me titled Taj Mahal ki Ba-Zabaani… for Taj Mahal – A Monument of Love (2003), directed by Canadian film director, Robin Khosla. The song was a duet with Sunidhi Chauhan. You must hear the song for its timeless rendition and lyrics, as it wasn’t promoted in a big way back then.”

He continues, “One very melodious duet; written and composed by me, Aashiyaan pyaar ka… sung by KK and Mahalaxmi Iyer, done for Eros Music; is yet to be released. In fact, now is the time they should release that song as an apt tribute to KK so that his fans worldwide can get to hear yet another, very different master rendition by the super singer.”

Rahul B Seth’s Favorite KK Songs

Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai… Rockford (1999)

Pal ye hain pyaar ke pal… Pal (1999) (from KK’s private album)

Taj Mahal ki ba zabaani… Taj Mahal – A Monument of Love (2003)

Appadi podu… Gilli (2004) (Tamil movie)

Kadhal valarthen… Manmathan (2004) (Tamil movie)

Tu hi meri shab hai… Gangster – A Love Story (2006)

Aankhon mein teri ajab si adaayein hain… Om Shanti Om (2007)

Khuda jaane yeh… Bachna Aye Haseenon (2008)

Zara si dil mein de jagah tu… Jannat – In Search of Heaven (2008)


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