Liz Terrell brings multi-genre experience to bear on “It’s All Right With Me”


Vocalist Liz Terrell’s debut album, “It’s All Right With Me,” is in part the result of five years of jazz study. The songs she has chosen for the album span the genres of pop, jazz, and blues. Musical luminaries from Cyndi Lauper to Fats Waller, to Cole Porter are represented. Terrell’s take on an 1980’s classic, “Time After Time,” by Cyndi Lauper is a jazzy rendition that should not be missed.

Liz Terrell: a life in music

A look into Terrell’s performance history becomes a whirlwind of different genres. Her experience includes musical theater, cabaret, and a Gospel group. She toured Europe with the Gospel group. Years of exploring led the singer to jazz. And, after several more years of study, Terrell was ready to present “It’s All Right With Me.”

Terrell’s voice has earned her accolades from accomplished musicians to are in awe of her sound, style, and approach. Drummer, broadcaster, and co-producer of Terrell’s album, Jae Sinnett, states in part, “Liz Terrell’s new record reflects her amazing vocal versatility, range, tone, and variation.”

That Terrell is at home with different genres is evident on “It’s All Right With Me.” Terrell has been performing for more than a decade. Her sound can shift from powerhouse to gentle, but her rich tones are never lost. For audiences who are just discovering Terrell, it might be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is the singer’s best quality. What is clear, is that Terrell is a talented singer who deserves a broad listenership.

“Time After Time” by Liz Terrell

Because Cyndi Lauper and Terrell do not share a vocal part, a listener might wonder how the classic song will sound as a jazz tune. Some of the musicality remains, and in a surprise turn, Terrell’s voice is nimble, yet rich, as she emotes through each phrase. Audiences familiar with the song might find themselves leaning in to see what Terrell does next. They will not be disappointed.

Listening to Terrell, it is difficult to believe that she has not become a household name yet. She is more than just a talented singer – – Terrell is an attuned musician who seems aware of the depth of human experience.

For more information, visit: The album, “It’s All Right With Me” is available at all fine retailers.

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