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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The opening is for a HISTOPATHOLOGY TECHNICIAN in Orlando, Florida Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Veterans Health Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs
Job ID: 593074
Start Date: 05/16/2022
End Date: 06/09/2022

Qualification Summary
***THIS VACANCY IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. VETERANS PREFERENCE WILL BE CONSIDERED IN ACCORDANCE WITH 38 U.S.C. 7412.*** Applicants pending the completion of educational or certification/licensure requirements may be referred and tentatively selected but may not be hired until all requirements are met. BASIC REQUIREMENTS:
a. Citizenship: Citizen of the United States. Non-citizens may only be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy. b. Experience and Education (1) Experience: One year of experience in a health care field that demonstrates the applicant’s ability to perform the work or provides an understanding of the work such as, but not limited to, a medical or clinical laboratory assistant (or technician) or health technician. OR (2) Education: (a) Four academic years above high school leading to a bachelor’s degree with courses related to the occupation such as biological science or chemistry;
or (b) Successful completion of two academic years of study above high school that included at least 24 semester hours in Chemistry and/or in appropriate fields of biological science and successful completion of a 12-month program of education and training in histopathology or cytotechnology. OR, (3) Experience/Education Combination. Equivalent combination of experience and education are qualifying for entry level for which both education and experience are acceptable. Examples are listed below: (a) Six months of experience in the health care field and two years of education above high school that included at least six semester hours in health care related courses such as biological science, surgical technician courses or other courses related to the position; or an associate’s degree in a health care related field. (b) Six months of experience in the health care field and successful completion of a course for health care technicians, hospital corpsmen, medical service specialists, or histopathology technicians given by the U.S. Armed Forces. c. Certification. None d. Grandfathering Provision. All Histopathology Technicians employed in VHA in this occupation on the effective date of this qualification standard are considered to have met all qualification requirements for the title, series, and grade held. For employees who do not meet all the basic requirements required in this standard, but who met the qualifications applicable to the position at the time they were appointed to it, the following provisions apply: (1) Such employees in an occupation that does not require a licensure/certification/registration, may be reassigned, promoted, or demoted within the occupation. (2) Employees who are appointed on a temporary basis prior to the effective date of the qualification standard may not have their temporary appointment extended or be reappointed, on a temporary or permanent basis, until they fully meet the basic requirements of the standard. (3) If an employee who was retained (grandfathered) under this provision leaves that occupation, the employee loses protected status and must meet the full VA qualification standard requirements in effect at the time of reentry to the occupation. e. Physical Requirements. See VA Directive and Handbook 5019. f. English Language Proficiency. Histopathology Technicians must be proficient in spoken and written English in accordance with chapter 2, section D, paragraph 5.a., this part. GRADE REQUIREMENTS: GS-5 (Entry Level) Experience or Education: None beyond the basic requirements GS-6 Full Performance Level (FPL) Experience: One year of experience equivalent to the next lower grade level. PREFERRED EXPERIENCE:
Knowledgeable with medical terminology
Able to evaluate and solve problems related to laboratory collection and processing of specimens for analysis according to regulatory guidelines
Communicates effectively and courteously while working as a healthcare team member
Able to work in fast pace environment, meeting deadlines with minimal supervision
Able to work around chemicals and follow safety guidelines References: VA handbook 5005/102 Part II, Appendix G55 Histopathology Technician GS-0646. The full performance level of this vacancy is GS-6. The actual grade at which an applicant may be selected for this vacancy is in the range of GS-5/6. Physical Requirements: The work requires manual dexterity, visual acuity, color vision; regular and recurring physical exertion such as use of microtome or cryostat and standing for long periods of time; lifting of five gallon reagent containers and other moderately heavy supplies and equipment; a high degree of tolerance and ability to work under stress which at times can be irregular and sometimes constant. Additionally the demand for accuracy and timeliness in reporting results to pathologist responsible for patient care is an ever-present responsibility and a constant concern of a responsible Histopathology technician. Occasionally may be required to work long that eight hours per day, an off-shift, a weekend and/or holiday.

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