Top 20 Punjabi Songs – May 25, 2022


Today’s first post is Top 20 Punjabi Songs – May 25, 2022. This article is a listicle of the topmost 20 popular Punjabi songs liked by fans this week. There has been no change in the song sequence this week. I have mentioned last week’s and current positions beside the songs in the list.

Today, let’s talk about the song, Ud gaya… by B Praak, which is at the third position in this week’s list. The song is from the Punjabi movie, Lekh (2022) and talks about teenage love. The male and the female leads are school students. The boy watches the girl dancing through a partly ajar door of a classroom, at their school and falls for her. The girl realizes that he is watching her and pushes him away. Since her hand touches his shirt, he treasures the shirt, not allowing his guardian to wash it. Though I am not comfortable with teens falling in love instead of concentrating on their studies, I have to admit that the video has been picturized differently.

Top 20 Punjabi Songs – May 25, 2022

The numbers in brackets show the position of that particular song in last week’s hit-list.

  1. Excuses… A P Dhillon/Gurinder Gill. (First)
  2. Pasoori… Ali Sethi/Shae Gill. (Second)
  3. Ud gaya… B Praak. (Third)
  4. Desires… Gurinder Gill. (Fourth)
  5. Pagal shayar… Babbu Maan. (Fifth)
  6. Big men… Gurlez Akhtar. (Sixth)
  7. Mera yaar… Gurnam Bhullar. (Seventh)
  8. Beliya… Gurnam Bhullar. (Eighth)
  9. Chahatandi chhawan… Prateek Gandhi. (Ninth)
  10. Ykwim… Karan Aujla/Kr$na/Mehar Vaani. (Tenth)
  11. Pent straight… Gurnam Bhullar. (Eleventh)
  12. Kikli… Amrit Maan. (Twelfth)
  13. Shadow… Gur Sidhu. (Thirteenth)
  14. Junoon… Mitraaz. (Fourteenth)
  15. Kudiyan Lahore diyan… Harrdy Sandhu. (Fifteenth)
  16. Kina chir tenu dilch… The PropheC/The Lifestyle. (Sixteenth)
  17. We rollin’… E Shubh. (Seventeenth)
  18. Black effect… Jordan Sandhu/Mehervaani/Desi Crew. (Eighteenth)
  19. Bas… Jaz Dhami. (Nineteenth)
  20. Dil tarse… Avvy Khaira. (Twentieth)

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