Picked By the Pros a different kind of fundraiser for public radio


Fort Wayne, Ind. – – Public radio is known for its almost endless fundraising. This summer, though, there is a twist. WBOI, with the help of its corporate sponsors, is presenting Picked By the Pros: Wine Pairing Dinner. The event is scheduled for June 17, 2022, at 5:30 p.m.

Picked By the Pros: wine and dinner with a twist

Public radio is the audio equivalent of public television, and Picked By the Pros reflects that thoughtful approach. The evening begins with a two-hour guided tour through the available wines. Station representatives do not recommend that attendees try every wine that is presented to them. Tips for how to enjoy the evening responsibly are available at the event’s website: http://wboiwine.org

Local wine shop, Wine Time, will host the tasting. Wines will be available from around the world and across the United States. After the tasting, a six-course dinner will be served. Each course, salad, soup, pasta, and entree courses, and dessert, will have wine pairing suggestions made by Dan and Krista Stockman of Cheers! Wine Consultants.

Attendees of Picked By the Pros will have opportunities to purchase wines they like and all wine purchases will go to WBOI. The evening sounds like a commitment of time and money, but it makes given the reason for the event and what it supports. So, Paired By the Pros is not just a drinking event, although it is that. Participants will come away knowledgeable about wines and what kinds to pair with various food choices. That is the kind of in-depth thinking that audiences have come to expect from public radio.

Picked By the Pros is scheduled to take place at Ceruti’s Summit Park, in the Diamond and Summit rooms. Cerati’s Summit Park is located at 6601 Innovation Blvd., Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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