Mohammad Rafi sings for Naushad


Today’s second post is Mohammad Rafi sings for Naushad. According to Naushad Sahab, Mohammad Rafi brought the former’s father’s recommendation. Hindustan ke hum hain… from Pehle Aap (1944) was the first song the Stalwart Singer Mohammad Rafi Sahab sang for Naushad Sahab. Anmol Ghadi (1946) came on its heels.

There’s a story about how Mohammad Rafi became Naushad’s favorite singer. Initially, Talat Mahmood was the composer’s favorite. Once the legendary composer found Talat Mahmood smoking during a song recording. That annoyed Naushad Sahab and he collaborated with Mohammad Rafi Sahab for all songs of Baiju Bawra (1952). Then there was no looking back.

I have chosen some of my favorite Bollywood songs, which were produced as a nexus between Naushad Sahab and Mohammad Rafi Sahab. I hope you like them.

Mohammad Rafi sings for Naushad

Suhani raat dhal chuki… Dulari (1949)

Madhuban mein Radhika naachere… Kohinoor (1950)

Dil mein chupake pyarka toofan le chale… Aan (1952)

Man tarapat Hari darashanko aaj… Baiju Bawra (1952)

Insaafka mandir hai yeh… Amar (1954)

O doorke musafir… Uran Khatola (1955)

Mere Mehboob tujhe meri mohobbatki kasam… Mere Mehboob (1963)

Yeh raat jaise dulhan… Ram Aur Shyam (1967)

Aaj purani rahoonse… Aadmi (1968)

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