Aaya hai kahanse peeke deewane – Lata Mangeshkar – Madan Mohan – Sadhana | Man Mauji (1962)


Today’s first post is the analysis of the song, Aaya hai kahanse peeke deewane, from the Bollywood movie, Man Mauji (1962). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and visualization.

Movie – Man Mauji (1962)

The song, Aaya hai kahanse peeke deewane, was featured in the AVM Productions’ dramedy Man Mauji (1962), produced by A V Meiyappan and directed by Krishnan-Panju. The movie starred Kishore Kumar, Sadhana, Master Sarosh Irani, Baby Devika, Kumari Naaz, Baby Farida, Master Shahid, etc.

Teenager Raja (Master Sarosh Irani) is a habitual liar and a regular absentee at school. He belongs to a poor family and lies to everyone that he saved a calf from a burning barn. Actually, he has gambled with some money and had won more of it to buy some crackers and sweets for Diwali.

His sister, Lakshmi (Baby Devika) always sees through Raja’s lie. But they share a very close and sacred bond. When their mother (Leela Chitnis) falls ill, Raja does not have enough money for the medicine and ends up stealing it. He is caught, due to which their mother collapses and dies.

Raja is sent to a rehabilitation center (juvenile home of today) and their kind school master (Sunder) admits Lakshmi into a girls’ orphanage. Years later, Raja comes out of the center and visits his erstwhile home to find that his mother had died and his sister had been sent to the orphanage. When Raja visits the orphanage looking for his sister (Kumari Naaz), the clerk (Mohan Choti) throws him out thinking that he is some roadside Romeo trying to have a glimpse of the girls housed there. So, Raja visits the orphanage in the guise of a rich man and gets access to his sister, who wants to study. But the orphanage does not have enough funds for the same. He leaves promising to return with enough money for her college education.

Raja finds a non-paying job with Rai Sahab Bhola Ram (Om Prakash). Rani (Sadhana), a vegetable vendor, is tormented by Jagga (Pran) since her father is an alcoholic and has taken a heavy loan from the goon. But Raja once saves her from Jagga. Raja and Rani get close to each other and often meet at Bhola Ram’s place and elsewhere. They seem to have fallen in love with each other. Rani sings a song at this point and Raja comes along that way. He realizes that Rani has also fallen in love with him.

Suddenly one day, Raja remembers that he has to arrange money for his sister’s college fees. In a prolonged and hilarious sequence at night when Jagga comes to steal Rai Sahab Bhola Ram’s money, Raja helps him and gets enough money for his sister’s fees, as well. Post a visit to the orphanage, he returns to Rani’s home with some sweets and proposes to her, through a song. But she mockingly ignores it.

Lakshmi and her friend from the orphanage perform a dance for an audience and the Rai Sahab and his family members are invited to the performance. Raja is caught because his sister is wearing a sari and jewelry from the Rai Sahab household. When Raja is being taken to the police station from the Rai Sahab’s home, Rani sees them and regrets falling in love with him.

Lakshmi has to leave the orphanage because she does not have a sponsor, now. She is caught initially by the rain and then Jagga, who tries to molest her. Rani saves her by shouting for help and Jagga is arrested. Lakshmi sustains fever, post her drenching in the rain. Rani calls the nearby medical practitioner, Dr. Mohan (Ashim Kumar), who treats her to heath.

On Rani’s suggestion, Lakshmi takes gifts to the good doctor, who did not charge them for the treatment. Right then, the doctor’s elder brother, the advocate’s (Anwar Hussain) is seen to be unable to take care of his children (Baby Farida and Master Shahid). At the same time, the doctor’s mother (Durga Khote) swoons due to a health condition.

The men of the house are clearly unable to take care of the household. So, Lakshmi offers her services to them. Soon, Lakshmi and Dr. Mohan fall in love and due to his mother’s support, the advocate also reluctantly agrees to the couple’s decision to get married.

In the meantime, Raja is released from the prison and meets Dr. Mohan on the streets as the latter is stranded due to his car’s punctured tyre. Raja helps with the replacement of the tyre and bags the job of the doctor’s driver.

Lakshmi, who does not know that Raja is also employed with the doctor, catches the kids lying and sings the second part of the previous song.

The song obviously a family one and Raja discerns his sister, Lakshmi, singing it to the kids. Post the song, they meet and Raja has to drive Lakshmi and the kids to the kids’ school. While returning, they speak to each other and Raja decides not to interfere in his sister’s life, which is expected to take a turn for the better due to her matrimonial alliance with the doctor.

But the Rai Sahab creates an issue in the life of Raja’s life when he has left his criminal background. The advocate’s precious watch gets misplaced due to his little daughter’s antic and the Rai Sahab, who arrives at the advocate’s place at that time, puts the accusation on Raja. Even Dr. Mohan believes the allegation and throws Raja out of the job.

Raja meets Rani and post re-conciliation, Rani convinces him to start selling green grocery like herself. He earns enough money to present his sister an expensive necklace for her wedding. The Rai Sahab tries to bring obstacles in the marriage of Lakshmi and Rani gets to know about it. Rani informs Raja, who threatens the Rai Sahab to keep away from the wedding.

Jagga is meanwhile out of the prison and kills the Rai Sahab to steal some jewelry and money. The murder easily slips away unnoticed. Before dying, the Rai Sahab indicates to a few people, who arrive at the murder scene, that Raja is the murderer. On the other hand, Raja disguises as a rich man to attend his sister’s wedding.

While renovating a single seater sofa, the advocate’s employee finds the lost expensive watch. Dr. Mohan realizes that they had wrongly accused Raja. At the same time, the police arrive to inform the advocate that Raja had killed the Rai Sahab. Lakshmi speaks up about the innocence of the accused, revealing that he is her brother.

Soon, Rani finds a lot of money in the hands of Jagga and realizes that something is fishy. She convinces the drunk man to visit her home and sings this song for his benefit.

Song – Aaya hai kahanse peeke deewane

The lyrics of the song, Aaya hai kahanse peeke deewane, were penned by Rajinder Kishan and the tune was set by Madan Mohan.

The song goes, “Where have you come from, O Crazy Drunk Man? Look at the beauty of my eyes as well.”

Video – Aaya hai kahanse peeke deewane

Cinematography is by S Maruthi Rao. Dance choreography is by A K Chopra-Ratan Kumar-K.N. Dandayu Thapani Pillai.

The video opens with the music beginning and Sadhana coaxing a drunk Pran into a hut. He tries to pull her close, which she resists. She moves away from him and continues to sing and dance. At the same time, Pran keeps chasing her all-round the hut.

He falls down as he tries to catch her and begins to dance in the sitting position. He gets up again and she pushes him onto the only cot in the first room. Soon, the song peters out and the video also ends as she also sits on the other end of the cot.


Lata Mangeshkar sang this song for Sadhana. Pran is also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

There’s no influence of any culture on this sad song. The song and the artists are good. The video is definitely watchable for Pran’s antics.


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