Ester Wiesnerová presents beautiful introspection on “Blue Journal”


Chances are, if audiences know about Eastern European jazz, they have heard of Ester Wiesnerová. The singer’s latest album,”Blue Journal” is set for release May 20, 2022. And, if people have not heard of the Slovakian native, they will want to. “Blue Journal” is as introspective as it is insightful and unique.

About Ester Wiesnerová

Wiesnerová’s path toward professional musicianship started early. At age 6, her mother, a music collector who also wrote jazz tunes, began teaching Wiesnerová to play the piano. Soon, international fame found the young Wiesnerová, and she performed in The Voice of Czechoslovakia, a televised singing competition. Later, she would win the New Faces of Slovak Jazz Competition.

On her way to jazz fame, Wiesnerová fell in love with the Western music in her mother’s collection. The sounds of singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, to Gospel, all of it had an impact on Wiesnerová. Eventually, the singer would earn an undergraduate degree from Berklee in Vocal Performance. She continued her education at the New England Conservatory where she earned a master’s degree in Jazz Composition.

Ester Wiesnerová: “Blue Journal”

“Blue Journal” from its packaging to its CD contents is intriguing. The gentle, yet thought-provoking sounds engage listeners. Wiesnerová’s high voice lilts easily, but audiences should not let the beauty of that distract from the poignance of what she is saying.

Even before listeners can get to the music, they are greeted by a thick journal, complete with a wraparound band and pages with drawings, thoughts and pictures, and some blank pages, perhaps for the audience to capture their own thoughts. This kind of presentation could start a new trend. Maybe it could take music journals to a new level.

There are 11 songs on “Blue Journal” and they provide a kind of antidote to the uncertainty and rush of contemporary life. While borne out of the days of pandemic and shut down, Wiesnerová projects a bright and open spirit, even when detailing harsher realities. One song, “Thirsty,” opens with a description of a drink and the context for it. However, the idea of the drink, and the need to take a picture of it, extends to applying filters to our selfies and waiting for people to give us likes. The song captures perfectly the constant need for attention that many people experience through social media.

“Blue Journal” is unexpected and full of thoughtful touches. Interested parties should get a copy and write down their thoughts on the provided pages. The intersection of listeners’ thoughts with Wiesnerová’s might prove fascinating.

Wiesnerová is on Spotify. For more about and from the artist, visit:

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