Center Stage to showcase local talent for good cause


A new talent showcase is set to debut in Fort Wayne, Ind. “Center Stage: Fort Wayne’s Premier Talent Show” is scheduled for May 12, 2022, at 6 p.m. The event will take place at The Clyde Theater, 1808 Bluffon Rd.

Center Stage: first of its kind

While most people have experienced talent shows before, this one promises to be something different.

The performances that will grace the stage at The Clyde will constitute the Finals round. Early rounds will be performed by video and submitted to judges. Contestants moving forward to the final round will be invited to perform live at The Clyde.

Center Stage will be open to performers of all levels and abilities. Prizes for the winner have not been announced yet. However, the funds raised through admission prices go to Turnstone, center for people with disabilities.

Regular admission is $50; VIP admission is $100.

If Center Stage becomes a yearly event, it will have a significant impact on performance opportunities for local artists of all ages and ability levels. Not to mention it will give potential patrons another event to look forward to. While it is not clear if subsequent versions of Center Stage will be held to raise funds for other non-profit organizations. There is potential here for substantial support for area groups that address community needs.

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