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Today’s third post is the analysis of the song, Ek tamanna Jeevanki, from the Bollywood movie, Ankhen (1993). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and visualization.

Movie – Ankhen (1993)

The song, Ek tamanna Jeevanki, appears in the hit Chiragdeep International’s dramedy Ankhen (1993), directed by Daved Dhawan and produced by Pahlaj Nahalani. The movie has much likeness to Do Phool (1973). The movie starred Kader Khan, Chunky Pandey, Govinda, Ritu Shivpuri, Raageshwari, Shilpa Shirodkar, etc.

Munnu (Chunky Pandey) and Bunnu (Govinda) are the 2 good-for-nothing kids of Hasmukh Rai (Kader Khan). The 2 young men are failures for the last 3 years in undergraduate years but are creating the appearance of their passing the exams with the highest percentages. Hasmukh discovers it when the college principal tells him to visit the college. It turns out that for the last 3 years, the 2 young men had been bringing another man (Harish Patel) and saying that he is their father. At the same time, the same man has been meeting Hasmukh, as the college principal.

Having been found out, the 2 young men run away in their car with their beloved monkey, who helps them in all their nefarious activities. They land at a village where Bunnu impersonates Gullu (Rakesh Bedi), who is on his way to ‘see’ his would be wife, Ritu (Ritu Shivpuri). Gullu has been literally buried in soil till his neck! Ritu is with her friend, Priya (Raageshwari). Munnu and Bunnu fall in love with Priya and Ritu, respectively.

On the other hand, Munnu and Bunnu have taken loans from several people and these people have queued up inside Hasmukh Rai’s home to recover the loans. Priya’s father, Inspector Pyare Mohan (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), is Hasmukh Rai’s best friend. Pyare Mohan is in love with Ritu’s aunt, Anuradha (Bindu). When Pyare Mohan reaches Ritu’s home to meet his daughter, he discovers that instead of it is Bunnu and Munnu, who have come to that place instead of Gullu. Bunnu and Munnu return home. But Bunnu has lost his memory due to an accident or so it seems. Bunnu is in the guise of a villager. When Anuradha confronts Hasmukh Rai and he scolds his 2 sons; Bunnu’s memories return! Hasmukh Rai has also fallen in love with Anuradha – just after her sari falls down in front of him!

Ritu and Priya are also present there and are instrumental in getting the 2 wayward boys thrown out of their home once again. Bunnu and Munnu leave the house promising to earn some money and then only return. Their monkey also goes with them. They join some street performers. Pyare Mohan watches them performing with the street artists and informs Hasmukh Rai about it. Hasmukh Rai’s reputation is at stake and he coaxes his sons to return.

In the meantime, both Pyare Mohan and Hasmukh Rai vie for Anuradha’s attention and both are invited for her birthday party. During the party, the 2 older men begin to fight over her. But when the others ask why they are fighting, Pyare Mohan says that he would not let Priya marry Munnu. At this point, the 2 girls say that they would not be interested in marrying the 2 unruly boys, anyways. But the boys convince them and they agree to the relationships.

However, fate has some other things in store for them. The boys get embroiled in the kidnapping of the chief minister (Raj Babbar), as witnesses. Bunnu is stuck while running away from the goons and sends Munnu to get help. But then, their track record comes in the way and nobody believes him, including Pyare Mohan, though initially. The goons play their game so well that Munnu is seen as the murderer of Bunnu.

On the other hand, there is a Bunnu look-alike in Gaurishankar (Govinda again). Gaurishankar is the son of Neelkanth (Kader Khan again). Chanda (Shilpa Shirodkar) is in love with Gaurishankar. But the latter is a staunch celibate. That doesn’t work on Chanda and soon, she convinces him to accept her love for him. I didn’t like the vulgar way everything is shown.

Priya and Ritu advertise in the print media about rewards on finding Bunnu. In the meantime, Gaurishankar, Chanda and one of his friends travel to Mumbai. Gaurishankar gets lost and is found by a greedy man and is brought to Hasmukh Rai’s home. They think Bunnu is acting when he says that he is Gaurishankar. On the other hand, Bunnu is found by Chanda and is thought to be Gaurishankar. In the next shot, Ritu and Chanda sing this song to entice Gaurishankar and Bunnu, respectively.

Song – Ek tamanna Jeevanki

The lyrics of the song, Ek tamanna Jeevanki, were penned by Indeevar and they were set to music by Bappi Lahiri.

The song goes, “I have a desire in my life that I get your love. I should marry you, even though I die on that day.”

Video – Ek tamanna Jeevanki

Cinematography is by Siba Mishra. Dance choreography is by B H Tarun Kumar.

The video opens with the shot of a large home in darkness. In the next shot, Ritu Shivpuri caresses Govinda’s bare body. The music has already begun. They are wet since they are standing near an artificial waterfall.

She pushes him into a small artificial pond, as she begins to sing. The next shot shows Shilpa Shirodkar singing the same song for ‘another’ Govinda. The Govinda with Ritu Shivpuri begins to retaliate by saying that he does not even know her.

The other Govinda also sings the same lines. Shilpa Shirodkar threatens to die, if he did not accept her love. On the other hand, Ritu Shivpuri also tells the Govinda in front of her, the same lines.

Ritu Shivpuri is performing the role of an educated girl and is made to sing like a dehati or a villager. How strange! If she had spoken like a villager before, then this particular mistake would not have been so obvious.

Both the Govindas accept the loves of the respective girls in front of them, just to save them from death. Soon, the song peters out and the video also ends as the Govinda with Shilpa Shirodkar tries to escape.


Asha Bhonsle has sung this song for Ritu Shivpuri and Shilpa Shirodkar and Kumar Sanu for Govinda and ‘Govinda’.

Cultural Influence

The song is very funny, due to the antics of Govinda. Govinda’s getup and acting is exactly like that of Dada Kondke, the late Marathi actor, who had been seen in Hindi movies as well.

The choreography of this song and the camera angles like the previous ones in the movie are vulgar! The vulgarity of the dance is unbearable! But it’s my job to review. All I want to say is that a dance CAN be choreographed without vulgarity.

The song is actually good. But the vulgarity in the choreography becomes a drawback. The song and the artists are food. The video is watchable for the same.

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